Jumpseller API is a REST-style API that uses JSON for serialization and OAuth2 for authentication.
Right now only Products and Orders are available. More methods and capabilities will be added in the near future.
Please use it responsibly, and send us your feedback.

Get Started!

All URLs are in the format:


The path is prefixed by the API version and the URL takes as parameters the login (your store code) and your OAuth Token. If we change the API in backward-incompatible ways, we'll increase the version number and maintain stable support for the old urls.

Your store's code is found at the base url at your Admin Panel which has the format https://storecode.jumpseller.com.

Your store's OAuth token is found at the Account section accessed from a link a the top-right corner of your Admin Panel. It is a 32 characters string.

To make a request for all the products at your store, you would append the products index path to the base url to create something similar to:


In curl, that looks like:

curl --get \

To create a product, it is the same thing except you will include JSON data:

curl -d '{ "product" : {"name": "My new Product!", "price" : 100} }' \

Plain JSON only. No XML.

  • We only support JSON for serialization of data.
  • Our format is to have no root element.
  • We use snakecase to describe attribute keys (like "createdat").
  • All empty value are replaced with a null strings.
  • All API URLs end in .json to indicate that they accept and return JSON.

See it Live

  • Exceller is a tiny app, allowing you to edit your store's products on the fly
  • all it's codebase is available for free for you to copy and modify as you will.