Best Tools to Create Facebook Video Ads

Well-planned video posts and ads can be much more effective than image ads. Video stops social media scrollers in their tracks - it grabs attention. These precious seconds of exposure can make a big difference.

Best Tools to Create Facebook Video Ads

Check out these great yet simple video ads that were run on Facebook:

Both of these videos highlight their products in a quick, engaging way.

So, how do you get started creating an effective video for Facebook? This is where creative platform tools come in.

Whether you’re looking to create a quick ad, an explainer video, or user-generated content, the tools below can help you do so.

We’ve put together a list of the best tools to create Facebook videos.

When you’re deciding how to make your video, consider the level of service you need.

Managed service allows you to consult with industry experts and have them create your video - at a higher cost.

Project-based service lets you control costs and delivery from start to end. You can even connect with freelance video specialists via marketplace platforms.

Self-service, using software as a service (SaaS) lets you make the video yourself and be in charge of all the creative decisions.

Self-service is also usually the cheapest.

Self-Service (Software as a Service - SaaS) Only

Promo is great for making videos when you don’t have that much source material to work with. Beyond uploading your own videos and images, you can choose from their library of stock videos and photos or pick a full video template and add your message and company information.

  • Access a library with 15 million+ video clips and millions more images or upload your own.
  • Edit your video and resize images.
  • Customize entire ready-made videos.
  • Add professional music to your videos.
  • Customize your video layout with wide, square, and vertical display options.
  • Access a social calendar with daily videos such as Throwback Thursday, Fact Friday, and the International Day of Friendship.
  • Ask any technical or video questions of the customer support team.
  • Share and download your videos as many times as you want, as you have a lifetime license for your videos.
  • Official Partnerships - Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Getty Images, Shutterstock
  • Awards - Best B2B Product
  • Self-Service (SaaS) model
  • Pricing Range - $39 USD per month to $359 USD per month, depending on monthly or yearly payment and subscription level, from Basic to Standard to Pro. First 2 months are free.


Magisto makes video-editing easy, even for those who have never tried it before. With a Professional or Business subscription, you can let their artificial intelligence (AI) software analyze and compile your raw video footage or pictures into a professional-grade video.

The platform is completely self-service and is affordable even for those with limited budgets.

  • Edit raw video footage in 3 steps: upload, choose an editing style and soundtrack, and let the AI technology edit your video. (Professional and Business accounts)
  • Add photos to videos.
  • Use an AI-powered smart editor to automatically create a video based on your footage and images. (Professional and Business accounts)
  • Access a library of stock videos and images. (Business accounts)
  • Distribute your video across social media channels.
  • Analyze the performance of your video. (Business accounts)
  • Official Partnerships - Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram
  • Self-Service (SaaS) model
  • Pricing Range - From $4.99 per month to $69.99 per month, depending on monthly or yearly subscription. After a 7-day free trial, Magisto has three subscription levels: Premium, Professional, and Business. Features differ based on subscription levels. For example, analytics is only available for Business-level subscribers.

Managed Only


Vidsy is a marketplace that lets you connect with thousands of video creators and partner to make your video.

  • Access a marketplace of 6,000+ creators
  • Receive multiple versions of your video ad to test and optimize
  • Choose from more than one version of your video ad
  • Adapt your video to multiple social media formats
  • Make your video ad more effective by using data about creative video aspects
  • Managed service model
  • Official Partnerships - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest
  • Pricing Range - Contact Vidsy for pricing information.


Ad-Lib seeks to overcome consumer ad fatigue by delivering highly creative, personalized ads. They do this using artificial intelligence that analyzes the videos and incorporates personal information.

With a managed service model, you’ll have help along every step of the way to create your video.

  • Send your ideas, along with headlines, images, logos, CTAs, and body copy, and Ad-Lib will work with you to create an optimized video.
  • Use AI technology to analyze your video’s creative aspects and performance in real time.
  • Target your videos to your audience with video personalization based on demographics, device, geolocation, time of day, and more.
  • Get your finished video within 10 days.
  • See your video results on a real-time dashboard.
  • Tweak and optimize videos based on performance data.
  • Official Partnerships - Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Google
  • Managed service model
  • Pricing Range - Contact Ad-Lib for pricing information.

Managed, Project-Based, or Self-Service (SaaS)


VidMob is a marketplace that allows you to find video professionals and collaborate on your video project. First, you provide information about your project and upload media files. Then, you connect with specialists in a bidding process.

Finally, your video partner puts together your video and delivers the final product.

  • Access a marketplace of 5,000+ video professionals (editors, animators, graphic designers, and more) that are experts in creating mobile videos.
  • Upload digital videos to multiple social media platforms.
  • Analyze performance of the videos, including the influence of creative elements. VidMob uses artificial intelligence software to analyze the video frame-by-frame, then lists the creative elements involved and cross-references those elements with video performance. You can even see when users stop watching the video!
  • Choose your service model: Managed, Project-based, or Self-Service (software as a service - SaaS). If you need creative help, VidMob can connect you to Art Directors or Project Managers.
  • Get your video done fast with rush delivery options of 24-48 hours.
  • Official Partnerships - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest. You can also create videos for Youtube and Google.
  • Awards - 2017 Instagram Innovation Award, 2018 Twitter #Promote Program
  • Pricing Range - To view pricing, you must create an account. Pricing varies based on the details of your project and the professional you partner with. For example, a project with the following elements had an estimated cost of $2,500 USD: - 1 completely new social or digital ad from source media files - Only 1 format/variation: full portrait/vertical 9:16 - No creative help - Launch date: 1 week from today

The Source

The Source is a marketplace of 1,000+ creators. You can also view more than 10,000 examples of video ads from others in your industry. Use the search platform to browse video ideas and the profiles of content creators.

The site is particularly good for finding people to create short-form mobile content such as vertical videos, stop-motion videos, 10” videos, and cinemagraphs.

  • Get inspiration from a search platform of 10,000+ content benchmarks by creators. Search by industries, brands, and creative techniques (videos, gifs, or images).
  • Access a marketplace of 1,000+ creators
  • Create original content
  • Choose your service model: Managed, Project-based, or Self-Service (SaaS).
  • Official Partnerships - Facebook, Instagram
  • Pricing Range - Sign up at The Source for pricing information. You can access a limited portion of the search platform for free, just to see the types of content creators have made. Pricing options include full access and custom options.


ShuttleRock specializes in mobile-first ad content for Facebook and Instagram. They do custom animation, design, and art direction to create video and image ads.

  • Convert existing video and images into mobile-friendly and social-media-friendly video formats for Facebook and Instagram. For example, you can change an existing TV commercial to a mobile-first version.
  • Make a video out of an image
  • Choose your service model: Managed, Project-based, or Self-Service (SaaS).
  • Official Partnerships - Facebook, Instagram
  • Awards - 2016 Facebook Global Innovation Award, Creativity Category
  • Pricing Range - About $2000 monthly (according to Facebook Partner Directory)


Olapic seeks to bring your video creation closer to your audience by allowing you to choose from user-generated content and collaborate with influencers.

Its platform allows you to collect content, transform it into short-form videos, and manage your relationships with influencers.

  • Create short-form, mobile-first brand videos
  • Tap into user-generated content
  • Connect and partner with influencers
  • Pick from 400,000 images collected per day
  • Analyze the impact of your content
  • Choose your service model: Managed or Self-Service (SaaS).
  • Pricing Range - Contact Olapic for pricing information.


Spirable emphasizes the importance of timing in the customer journey and audience data in video ads. Their video creation and distribution platform allows you to edit videos, personalize with user data, and optimize with AI.

  • Edit videos with a user-friendly interface
  • Create videos for social ads, emails, display, and messaging
  • Choose from templates to get you started
  • Use a variety of data, including CRM, social audience, location, and context to personalize your videos
  • Integrate tons of apps to manage your video campaigns in one place
  • Opt-in to a 3-month managed onboarding option that helps you learn the ropes before going to self-serve
  • Optimize your video using artificial intelligence
  • Distribute your final video to multiple channels
  • Choose your service model: Managed or Self-Service (SaaS).
  • Pricing Range - Contact Spirable for pricing information. seeks to automate the video creation, testing, and optimization process as much as possible, while still delivering creative and personalized products.

They have both self-service and managed service models, allowing you to edit your own videos or have a team of specialists create and manage your video ads.

  • Access photo and video templates to get just the right images for your video
  • Use contextual data to create multiple ad versions
  • Automate the ad buying process
  • Test your ads to see which perform the best
  • Integrate your product feed, to create dynamic images
  • See first and third party data sources in one place
  • Get organized with campaign management tools
  • Benefit from automatic optimization and make changes to products and prices easily
  • Official Partnerships - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Awards - 2 Cannes Facebook Storyteller Awards in 2019 for Hopper and Sephora
  • Choose your service model: Managed or Self-Service (SaaS). Outsource paid social with the managed service model or do it yourself with the self-service model
  • Pricing Range - 2,500 euros for an ad spend range of less than 50,000 euros. Above that, fee as a percent of the ad spend range. See chart below.

ROI Hunter

ROI Hunter is a product marketing platform that caters to eCommerce businesses with large product feeds.

The pricing section of their website suggests that their platform is ideal for companies that are already spending over 10,000 euros a month on Facebook, have 20+ products on an e-commerce platform, and have an internal team managing marketing campaigns.

  • Create video ads and dynamic slideshows for Facebook and Instagram.
  • Use the video editor to customize templates based on your product feed.
  • Integrate with 3rd party apps such as Google Analytics, then view all your performance analytics in one place
  • Collaborate with campaign strategists and solution engineers during a one-month professional on-boarding program designed to maximize your marketing efforts
  • Official Partnerships - Facebook, Google, Instagram
  • Choose your service model: Managed or Self-Service (SaaS).
  • Pricing Range - About $10,000 monthly (according to Facebook Partner Directory) - Flat rate based on ad spend, service level, integrations, and strategy consultations


On Shakr, you can create personalized videos for social media. Bring your own creative ideas, then browse their extensive library of ready-made video templates, which you can then customize.

Your videos can also use demographic and other personal data to adapt to your viewers.

  • Create videos from thousands of templates or make unique templates with the ONBRAND plan
  • Use the video editor to make your video just how you want it
  • Personalize videos to users with demographic and contextual information
  • Upload your videos to Facebook, other social media platforms, and your website
  • Adapt to Facebook and Instagram formats
  • Choose your service model: Self-Service (SaaS) or Project-based.
  • Pricing Range - About $5,000 monthly (according to Facebook Partner Directory)


Adylic is all about optimization and personalization in video advertising.

They offer a comprehensive service to run all aspects of your video ad campaign from creative storyboarding to analysis and making improvements for the next iteration.

  • Let a team of specialists create and analyze your video ad.
  • Run personalized ads using data such as user age, time of day, and weather, interests, location.
  • Test and tweak your ad based on performance data with different audiences.
  • Quickly adjust your video ad with dynamic creative templates.
  • Create a variety of video types for rich media, mobile advertising, paid social ads, and native advertising.
  • Benefit from the services of a media agency, creative agency, and production agency, all in one.
  • Choose your service model: Managed or Project-based.
  • Pricing Range - Contact Adylic for pricing information.


Idomoo emphasizes personalization. Their platform allows you to create videos that will incorporate the viewer’s personal information, such as name or location.

With so many ads and videos appearing before your potential customers, a personal touch allows you to make a better connection.

  • Create personalized videos that include the viewer’s name, location, or other demographic or contextual details.
  • Use the versatile Adobe AfterEffects plugin.
  • Choose from 25 languages for your video.
  • Make personalized gifs.
  • Official Partnership - Facebook
  • Choose your service model: Managed, Project-based, or Self-Service (SaaS).
  • Pricing Range - Contact Idomoo for pricing information.


Hunch is a creative automation platform that combines dynamic creative video & image production with automated ad buying. With Hunch, you build amazing customer journeys on Facebook and Instagram, that personalize experiences and convert customers with the right creative at the right time.

They are a certified Facebook Business Technology partner.



  • Enhanced DPA
  • Creative localization
  • Smart customer journeys
  • Smart Automated Campaigns
  • Dynamic Video campaigns
  • Store Locator campaigns
  • Language localization
  • Advanced Rules and Automation
  • Creative services

Depending on your needs, they have both self-service and managed service models.

Hunch pricing is based on the ad spend. The minimum fee is a fixed cost 2500EUR/month up to 50k of monthly ad spend. If you are planning on spending more than 50k/month, it’s going to be a % of the ad spend as the cost.


Whichever video platform you choose, you’ve made the right decision to use Facebook videos as part of your marketing strategy.

With the right, carefully-planned and executed video, you’ll be able to attract many more customers to your online store.

Looking for more tools? See our other blog post, 9 eCommerce tools to boost your online store and increase sales.

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