Cash on Delivery

Manual Payments

The trend of going to malls and physical shops has taken a big hit from the emergence of Online Shopping, most people now do their shopping over the internet. However, there is still a big chunk of people around the world, especially in less developed economies, where people are put off by Online Shopping because of one reason, in particular, lack of cash payment options.

Which is why an increasing number of Online Businesses are incorporating the Cash on Delivery method as a payment option for their customers.

Cash on Delivery means that instead of making an advance payment with a credit or debit card, for example, the buyer makes the payment after the product has been delivered, i.e the payment is made on the delivery.


Why is Cash on Delivery relevant?

In certain markets such as India, the digital payment options have still not penetrated on a grand scale, and this is down to trust more than anything, people have been using cash to conduct their business and it is not easy for them to switch to digital payment methods.

There is a lack of trust in not just the digital payment method but also on the product they are purchasing, people prefer to have the product in hand so they can check it and then make the payment.

Another reason for Cash on Delivery to be popular is for many people it is the simpler option, they don't have to configure/input anything on their computers/laptops/mobile devices, they just click buy and pay when the product arrives, kind of like a mesh of the new and the old world.

There is also less risk of Fraud, people know that since they have not made payment, the seller is unlikely to fool them.

In some cases, Cash on Delivery is even cheaper than other payment options, as there can be a lack of transaction fees or it can be lower than when you purchase with a credit card.

How to Configure with Jumpseller

To use Cash on Delivery as a payment option with your Jumpseller store, simply go to the payments section on the admin panel under settings:


Next, you can select the manual payments option for the Add Payment Method drop-down menu on the left:


Rename the method as Cash on Delivery and add the relevant details for the buyer to follow:


When you enter the Payment information, check with your carrier, bank or delivery service to find out the exact steps the customer must take to complete the payment

Orders that accept manual payments are marked as PENDING on the Orders page. After you receive payment for a customer’s order, you can mark the order as paid (on the orders page on your admin panel) on the order details page and fulfil the order as you would if they had made an online payment.