Appearing in the top spots of Google is the dream of any online store. Being on the first page (without paying for Adwords) represents a huge opportunity to receive visitors to your store who actually have an intention to buy. The big question is: How do you manage to optimize your online store without spending millions on the attempt? Achieving it is becoming increasingly difficult.

Google on a Tablet

When you have an online store, you should implement SEO if you want to survive in the competitive world of e-commerce. Everyone wants to be first on Google or Bing organically (without paying) because that will help increase visits to your store and therefore sales. But the big problem is that many store owners find it almost impossible to hire a professional to help them in these matters for their high value and also because they are not easy to find. For these reasons, we are going to give you some tips that will help you to increase your positions in the search engines in an organic form, without hiring anyone.

  1. Domain name of your online store

    The domain name is the most important factor for Google to rank your online store in searches. In order for it to work well, you must carry the most important word for you included in the domain, for example, if your online store sells scarves of a specific "X" brand, the ideal domain should be “". This way people looking for X branded scarves in Google will surely find your store in the top places, simply by having the name of the product/service included in the URL of your store.

  2. Put the title of the store that will appear in the search engines

    The title of your store must be properly placed in your online store for Google to find it and integrate it into the search results. Depending on the technology you use in your e-commerce, this information is added in a different way, but if you use Jumpseller, adding the title is very easy. Simply go to Settings > General > Store Name and add it, is that simple. With this, Google will know that your store has a specific name and will add it to the first line of your search result.

  3. Add a description of your store that briefly describes what you offer

    Putting a short description is essential so that in addition to Google including your store in the results, the person who finds your store in the results knows what you sell and wants to visit your online store. It is recommended that you include the important keywords in the first line, in order to reinforce the positioning. As with the name of the store, where and how you add this information will depend on the platform you are using, but with Jumpseller you must go to Settings > General > Description of the Shop and that’s it, your store already has the basic information so that Google knows who you are and what you do.

  4. Remove links that do not work

    Performing this action is of paramount importance to a good SEO management. Links that do not work well, such as ones that go to pages that are no longer available, must be removed quickly because these dead links will have a negative impact on the results of your searches. To find out if you have dead links you can use the Google Webmaster tool and remove these links. Another useful tool to know if you have links that are not working is Optimizr that allows you to schedule periodic reviews of your online store and automatically check if you have links that are not working.

  5. Create search engine friendly URLs

    When someone clicks on a product, the internet browser displays the URL of your store plus the permalink of your specific product, that is, the text that identifies your particular product within the entire URL. For example, if your best-selling scarf is the "Scottish Scarf", a bad URL for your product would be "", since it does not explain what your product is, since it only shows its code and not what kind of product it is. A search engine friendly URL would be "" because with clear words it shows what your star product is about. You should separate words with "-", so Google will know that they are different words. If you use Jumpseller it’s very simple to personalize your permalinks, in the page of the Product you have the option "Permalink" under the name, simply press the button Edit and you’re set.

  6. Use a Canonical URL

    It is very important to configure it this way or the search engines will penalize you because for them and are two different online stores, so if we do not notify them that both refer to the same store, they will consider it duplicated content, thus drastically lowering your store in the search results. Jumpseller helps you to do it automatically, do not worry, we've got you covered.

  7. Create unique names and descriptions for your products

    Many online stores make the mistake of copying both the name and description of the products given by their suppliers. This makes the same product information repeated in many online stores (believe me, many do the same thing), and again, Google will think it is duplicated content. Create your own names and descriptions. For descriptions, write between 75-120 words, more than that and people will not read it. Another important point is that the names of the products must have the correct format, i.e. have an H1 tag. This tag gives the name a certain ranking within your online store, telling Google which is the most important word on the product page. Doing it right will depend on the technology used in your store, but Jumpseller automatically does it for you.

These were some of the tips we can give you to easily rank higher in Google search results within your product category. In the second part of this article, we will talk about many other ways to get Google to love you without spending a penny more.