Digital products come in multiple formats. As we mentioned in the previous post, they go from the most simple formats, such as E-books, to more complex ones like whole online courses. In this article, we will talk about other types of digital products that can be easily implemented. We will also talk about some of the benefits presented by this type of product and the reasons It’s different from traditional e-commerce.

Themes or Templates

Most websites are developed using a technology called Wordpress. Many people don’t know that these sites are made using pre-designed templates or “themes” created by designers who sell them online. Many online stores offer this type of digital product and other similar functionalities such as logo design, infographics, etc. The online store serves as a direct contact between designers and clients. Fiverr or Template Monster are a few examples.

Blogs and the power of communities

image Many personalities from the areas of technology, education and other industries, have made very popular the creation of online communities for the proliferation of a digital business. Kevin Kelly, an important American author of technology topics, made popular the phrase “A thousand true fans”. This means that any digital business built around an online community, needs only 1000 fans who truly believe in the content being created, and are willing to acquire the digital product, for the business to be profitable. These numbers aren’t too far-fetched. The creation of blogs or communities is not an easy task. They must be cultivated over time based on quality content that resolves an issue for their audience. It requires direct and personal contact and the constant creation of new content and topics.

Main reasons for creating your own digital products

1. The cost margin when selling them or giving them for free is zero Most of the digital products that can be sold online must be created only once. They can then be sold automatically as many times as you want. Their creation cost is the same whether you sell it 1 or 1000 times. In the beginning, you will sell a lot and some months not so much, but it doesn’t matter. The overall cost of having it available in store tends to zero, so the passive income you can generate will be worth it.

2. Generate value for other people and your personal brand Believe it or not, people who acquire your digital product (payed or free) are downloading it because of a real interest. The subject resonates with them. Also, if you offer digital products about a specific topic (an E-book about how to create a blog for example), people will see you as an expert in the field whether they download your product or not.

3. If the digital product is good, making it go viral is easy If you create a free, high quality digital product, there’s a very real chance that you’ll get to a much larger audience than you originally anticipated. Internet and the use of social networks allow for new personalities to surface every day. They become known because of E-books or well done tutorial videos that are useful for a large segment of people. The basics for this to work, as you can infer, is quality over quantity. Don’t think that generating many low quality different products you can achieve the impact of a well-made product that goes viral. You know it now: digital products are a growing trend in today’s world, even in Latin America. All kinds of people have found this emerging industry to be a consistent and easy way of generating revenue. If you’re really good and have the knowledge in a specific subject that can be of interest to a local or an international audience, it’s very easy and cheap to create digital products that can add value to your personal brand and other people. Try it for free with Jumpseller today!.