To better automatize the sales process of your store, you can invoice your customer whenever you receive a new order. The requirements for this are:

  • a Jumpseller store
  • an invoicing system accepting external integrations (normally they consume Webservices via XML or JSON)
  • technical software knowledge to integrate both systems.

The typical flow between the two systems is:

  1. A new order is created in the Jumpseller store.
  2. The Jumpseller’s Store informs the invoicing system of this new sale.
  3. The invoicing system, creates and sends the invoice to the client
  4. - (optionally) if the invoicing system also controls the stock, can update the stock according this new order.
  5. (optionally) When the Jumpseller’s order changes status (Pending Payment => Paid => Shipped => Canceled) the invoicing can also be informed. This is specially important to track the Paid and Canceled invoices.


  • Webhooks:
  • API Documentation: