MailChimp is one of the best-known Email Marketing platforms. It is a very easy tool to use and you can configure the newsletters of your company by simply following these steps:

  1. Create a new list.

    Create a list in Mailchimp

  2. You have to fill in the personal and the contact information, this way you can create a personalized list.

    Setup list in Mailchimp

  3. Open the list you just created.

    Open Mailchimp list

  4. Enter "Embedded forms" if you want to request the "Newsletter Form Url" action or in "Subscriber pop-up" if it is the "Pop Up Signup Code".

    You can configure MailChimp with your online store in other ways as well, but these are the methods accepted by the themes offered by Jumpseller.

    Choose Integration Type

    If you are setting up the "Pop Up Signup Code", there are different styles and options that you should set to match accordingly with the style of your store.

  5. Once you have everything personalized, copy the code to incorporate it into your store.

    Depending on your needs, please copy the appropriate code:

    1. If it is "Embedded forms" in the "Copy Paste" field, copy the form's action code (form action = "// ..."), which in this example would be "// .." and paste In the option of your theme "Mailchimp Newsletter Form Url".

      Mailchimp Form Action URL

    2. If it is "Subscriber pop-up" copy the field "View Code", as shown in the image below, the code and paste in the option of the subject "Mailchimp Pop Up Signup Code".

      Mailchimp Popup Code

  6. Save your theme options and you're done! Go back to your store to view the newsletter.

    Mailchimp Newsletter Form


More information or questions?

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