Jumpseller Apps are an intuitive way for installing additional services as apps to your Jumpseller store. Google Shopping, is a Google service which allows users to search for products on online shopping websites and compare prices between different vendors. Here's how to configure and install Google Shopping App with Jumpseller Apps.

Google Shopping App benefits include:

  • Connecting your Store with Google Merchant center easily
  • Automatically sync all your products or many categories as you want with Google Merchant Center

Verify your Store Url

  1. Sign up for a Google Merchant Center account.
  2. Validate your store url Validate Store Url
  3. Choose 'Alternative Methods' and then choose the method HTML tag HTML TAG Method
  4. Copy the HTML Tag, go to your Store Admin Panel and open Themes > Code Editor Admin Panel
  5. Choose the Layout Block into Code Editor, past there the Google Tag HTML and save the theme block Code Editor
  6. Return to Google Merchant Center page and Verify and claim your URL

Add Shipping Methods to Google Shopping

It's very important do this step before you create your feed. If you don't have any shipping method, add a free shipping method in this step. ShippingMethod AddShippingMethod3

Copy your Google Merchant ID (Top-Left) for the next section

Install Google Shopping App with Jumpseller Apps

  1. In your Admin Panel, go to the AppStore section (Apps > App Store) and install the Google Shopping App AppStore
  2. If you don't have your Google Merchant ID at this point, return to your Google Merchant Center and copy your Google Merchant ID
  3. Finally, you need return to your Admin Panel and go to the Google Shopping App page (Apps > Google Shopping), past your Merchant Id, choose each products you want synchronize and complete all the other fields. GoogleShoppingApp
  4. Click on "Create Google Shopping Feed"

A verification email message will be sent to the Google account email address of Google Merchant Center

Verify your Google Shopping Feed within Google Merchant Center

  1. Inside Google Merchant Center, click Products > Feeds > Select a Feed Name (Feed Name "test" displayed in this example) Google Shopping Feed 1
  2. Once Feed Name is selected, click on "Fetch Now" to disply items in your Google Shopping Feed" Google Shopping Feed 2

View your products or items in Google Shopping Feed within Google Merchant Center

Within Google Merchant Center, click Products > List Products