What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for "search engine optimization" SEO may help you rank better in search engines such as Google. Some techniques to achieve optimization are by optimizing a page’s tags in the HTML code and providing a sitemap for your site.

Tags and meta tags in HTML code

By default, all Jumpseller stores are optimized for Search Engines such as Google. To increase relevancy in Search Engines, there are tags such as “title”, “H1” and meta tags in Jumpseller themes (HTML code). These tags are pre-populated with the appropriate store context per page (e.g. using H1 for Product Name at the Product Page).

Meta tags have additional attributes which are pre-populated. However, you can change a meta tag’s attributes and anything else related to the HTML of your store.

Example meta tag with a "description" attribute .

For more advanced meta tagging of your pages, you can use Product Custom Fields, where you can define meta tag attributes for each Product Individually.

For example, you could add a Custom Field called meta-description and define it differently for each product.

What are Sitemaps?

We update all store sitemaps (you can check it by adding “/sitemap.xml” after your store URL - example: demostore.jumpseller.com/sitemap.xml) every night in order for Google to faster index your new or updated content.

My store is not showing up in Google?

Search engines will "crawl", that means indexing, your store periodically, so it can sometimes take weeks or even months before you will be indexed at their search results. Even after that, the search engine has to find your store valuable before ranking it well.

In the first months of your store, you will usually rank low, but over time, by building great content and having links from external websites your ranking will increase.

How the Google Crawling & Indexing works.

Is there any SEO management? Can I change the meta-tags?

Jumpseller's stores front-end (the themes) are created to be optimized for Search Engines (like Google), tags h1, h2 and others are taken in mind in other add relevancy the most important content.

We update all stores sitemaps (you can check it by adding /sitemap.xml) after your store URL (like demostore.jumpseller.com/sitemap.xml) every night in order for google to faster index you new or updated content.

You can also change, meta-tags and anything else related to your the HTML of your store.

Note: To further check and confirm your efforts on SEO please use Google Webaster Tools.

Additional Tools & Information