Order Fulfillment

With Jumpseller, get your products delivered to the customer in the fastest, cheapest, and safest way possible!

Save time and increase sales

Order Fulfilment can become a huge undertaking

Automated Process

No more worrying about logistics or order delivery to customers! With Jumpseller, you have popular shipping platforms and fulfillment services seamlessly integrated with your online store.

Discounted Rates

Using our integrations, you get to have discounted rates depending on your plan! All plans have discounts to help you save money and keep your business afloat!

Automated Process

Price Estimation

Before confirming, you have the benefit of calculating a price estimate which can vary depending on factors such as the weight, volume, and your store plan.

Creating Labels

Save time and money by creating labels internally and automatically! With our integrations, you can print shipping labels for your favourite carriers and fulfilment providers with ease.

Creating Labels


Better management of orders and reduced risk of losing a package, creating manifests with Jumpseller fulfilment services lifts the weight of liability off your back!


Monitor the journey of the product along the way to make sure you keep track of its whereabouts in case the delivery is delayed or the customer makes any inquiries.



Integrated with the leading logistic companies

Comece a expedir as suas encomendas, imprimindo as etiquetas e guias de envio com os CTT. Aceda ao portal dos CTT para agendar o local e data de pickup.

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Recommended Printer

Easily print labels from the admin panel of your online store.

Create high-quality labels with the Dymo Labelwriter 4XL printer. The recommended paper size to be selected for this printing process is 6x4''.

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