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Migrating to Jumpseller

Migrating from any e-commerce platform to Jumpseller is easy! All you need to do is take care of a few important details and we will help you set it all up in no time!


When setting up your Jumpseller store you can either buy a new domain or you can transfer the domain associated with your existing store (on another platform) to your new Jumpseller account.

Get a new domain: With Jumpseller, you have one for free! Once you have your ideal domain, set your Jumpseller domain as your primary so it becomes the domain that your customers see everywhere. Make sure you also set up your email accordingly.

Transfer an existing domain: You can follow these steps to point an existing domain to your Jumpseller store.

Import products

It is possible to import products to your Jumpseller store (or you can add the products one by one manually). In order to import the products, you need to first create a CSV file, you should be able to do this relatively easily on a Google Excel Sheet. You might even have the option to export your products from the old store on another platform.

Most importantly, before you can import the file on your Products section in the Jumpseller admin panel, your CSV file should meet the standards of Jumpseller which means to have it organized in the same way a normal Jumpseller CSV product file is. For this make sure you have the following Structure:import products

SEO (Redirects)

If you have an associated blog with your old online store or subpages that are configured for SEO and rank well on search engines, you will not lose that traffic. You need to add a redirect to those links to set them for the new URLs on your Jumpseller store. For example:

How to Add Redirects to your Jumpseller website.

Payment Gateways

To make sure that customers can pay you, you need to set up a payment gateway. You can see all the integrated payment gateways with Jumpseller and select the one you think will fit best.

Shipping configurations

It’s very important to set up shipping rates and shipping methods correctly before you launch you don’t want to have to refund customers for overcharging them, or to email customers asking them to pay more because you didn’t charge enough to cover the shipping of their order.

Jumpseller allows you to set up different shipping methods and shipping rates. Depending on your regions of interest, select the best ones.

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