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Jumpseller is a flexible e-commerce solution design wise. If you are a professional designer you can fully edit all the html, css and javascript; or you can select and configure one of our public themes.

Pick Your ThemeSelect the theme that best meets your business profile.

Personalize Your ThemeAdd related information, like company's description and logo.

Customize Your ThemeChange the look and feel of your store's theme. 100% the way you want!

Pick your theme

Your theme should be in line with your company's profile, branding and products.
Online Store Template

Theme Gallery

We offer many free themes, each one has a different approach on how to display & effect product sales.

Take your time selecting and testing them with your store until you find the best one.

Our themes are professionally designed to work perfectly with all type of devices, rank high on search engines and optimize the checkout process.

Check out our theme gallery!

Personalize your template

Changing the colour palette of your store, adding your company's contact information and sales related information can be easily configured at your Admin Panel
Template Editor

Theme Options

Available at your Admin Panel, these options allow you to change the basic look & feel of your store without editing any HTML.

This is perfect for a quick edit of your shipping policy, displaying the exact location of your business in a map or add your Facebook and Twitter links.

These Options are Theme specific! Each Theme has different ones.

Customize your template

Want to get your hands dirty? No worries! By changing the underlying HTML and CSS, our Theme Editor allows you to completely edit the design style of the themes.


When you start to Edit a Theme, you'll find 10 Blocks. Each block represents one main section of your store, for example, the Block Category defined how to display the list of products of a specific category. Read more

Editing the code on a Block requires some HTML, CSS and Javascript knowledge.

If you are not at a big fan of HTML he have a list of Experts who can gladly work with you.


Defines store's main structure, header & footer


The entrance page of your store


Lists the products of a specific category


Product Details, like title, description and images


Static Pages, like 'Company Info' or 'Shipping Policy'

Search Results

Lists the products resulting from a text query search


A Form where customers email the store

Checkout Process

The Cart list, Checkout form and Success page

Customer Area

Customer centric pages, like the Customer Login form

Theme Editor


Theme Files, like images, stylesheets or javascript files are listed here. Files can be edited at ease. Read more

Keep on adding new files as you deem necessary and include them from your Theme Blocks!

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