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How to use Brainity

Grow Your Traffic & Sales with Powerful Automated Advertising Journeys

Brainity is the cutting-edge ad automation tool that makes it easy to launch sophisticated Facebook and Instagram campaigns. With the help of our campaign builder and intuitive interface, we empower our users to create powerful Prospecting and Retargeting campaigns that guide the customer journey and dramatically improve ROAS.

  • Bring the right traffic to your store.

  • Guide their experience with personalized and dynamic messages.

  • Leverage machine learning and advanced self-optimizing campaigns.

Connecting Brainity to your Jumpseller store takes just a few clicks. Follow the steps below and you should be good to go.

From your Jumpseller admin dashboard, enter Apps and install the Brainity app. Once it’s installed configure your account following the next steps.

2. Make Brainity a trusted business page advertiser

First, log in with the personal Facebook account linked to the Business Manager of the e-commerce store that you want to manage with Brainity.

If you haven’t configured your Business Manager, we recommend you follow these instructions to configure it.


3. Connect Your Store’s Facebook Page

Next, you will see all the Facebook pages your account has admin access to. Choose the page you use to post your store content and advertise your products.

There is a link with additional help if you do not see your Facebook page displayed, and the option to select another Facebook page.


4. Select Your Store’s Ad Account

You have to give Brainity access to your ad account in order to let it manage your ads. Select the ad account you want to use to run ads and click Connect.

If you don’t see the ad account try clicking “Select another Facebook page” or clicking the help button.


5. Create Your Account

Fill out your account information with your name, last name, and email. We strongly recommend you read our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions (EU GDPR compliant).


For more information, check this FAQ page or email Brainity at

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