HiPay Wallet is an electronic purse/wallet. Use the HiPay Wallet network to make payments to a merchant site, make and receive payments to and from other HiPay Wallet accounts, and sell your products completely securely.

Jumpseller is integrated with Hipay Wallet, so if you want to receive payments with Hipay Wallet you should create an account on this site.

Create a HiPay Wallet Integration Button

After you have completed the HiPay registration and signed in you can start the integration between your Jumpseller store and HiPay Wallet by "Creating a Button".

You will add a store to your HipayWallet account

Creating a Button

On step 1/3 complete:

Complete all the following required fields:

  • Store name
  • URL of the Store
  • Main theme
  • Secondary theme
  • Merchant password
  • Contact e-mail
    Creating a Button

At step 2/3 choose:

  • Button Type with Fixed Amount
  • Your Username in Select Alias
  • Some characteristics of the products that you sell. (In "The sale of this product is prohibited to the public" section choose "No age limit")
    Creating a Button
    Creating a Button

Go to step 3/3 (optional)

  • Click "Finish" and then click to "Return to the list of websites"

Merchant Site ID

To find your Merchant ID go to Sell with HiPay Wallet > HiPay wallet integration > Creating a button.

Creating a Button

Go to http://payment.hipay.com/order/list-categories/id/MERCHANT-SITE-ID

Replace `MERCHANT-SITE-ID at the URL for your given ID, p.e. 39938

Category ID of your Site.

Creating a Button

Finally return to your store's Admin Panel > Settings > Payments > Hipay and complete the fields:

  • Account number
  • Merchant Site Id
  • Site Category ID
  • Password

If you want test the payment method you need repeat this process at the HiPay test site and replace the payment method settings and check the "Hipay Testing Mode".