A Javascript App is a very simple App, injecting Javascript (or HTML) on the front-end of a store.
This Javascript is useful to integrate external applications, like chats, newsletters forms, visitor tracking tools, on a store without manipulating any HTML code.

Create a Javascript App

Note: Make sure checked how to create a general Jumpseller App.

To install your Javascript App on a Jumpseller store, a POST request should be performed:

curl -X POST "https://api.jumpseller.com/v1/jsapps?login=XXXXX&authtoken=XXXXX"

with the following JSON content:

{ "app" : {
  "app_code" : 'Code of your App created above. e.g. mailchimp, olark, googleshopping',
  "url"      : 'URL of HTML/JAVASCRIPT to inject',
  "template" : 'Theme Template of to Inject the HTML. e.g. layout, home, product, etc',
  "element"  : 'HTML element to inject. e.g. head, body, footer'

URL of HTML/Javascript to inject

You need build a HTML file with the code to inject on the store inside a html quote on body element.

For example: