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Impact your customers with messages on their phones and computers when they are not browsing your site through push notifications. TITANPush increases your site conversion and engagement rates. Web push notifications, exit popups, banners and more.


Your account is FREE (Up to 500 contacts in your push subscription base).


  • Manual and automatic campaigns
  • Audience segmentation
  • Delivery methods: Normal / Scheduled / Smart.
  • Automatic Retargeting notifications (viewed product reminder)
  • Automatic Winback notifications (brand reminder)


  • It will only be shown when the user tries to leave the site.
  • Adjustable text, fonts and colors.
  • Customizable image and button.
  • Choose days and times for the visibility of the pop-up.
  • Choose pages on which the pop-up will be visible.


  • Visible on smartphones and PCs.
  • Adjustable text, fonts and colors.
  • Button with custom URL and UTM included.
  • Choice of day and times for visibility.
  • Choice of pages on which each widget will be visible.


  • Create unlimited links.
  • Set colors, text, typography, image, icons and background.
  • See the number of clicks per button.
  • Temporarily hide buttons and retrieve them when you need them.
  • Customize the title of your page.


  • Floating button location settings.
  • Add text to the button.
  • Use a button or both simultaneously.
  • Choose days and times in which the button will be displayed.
  • Configure on which pages the button will be visible.

How to configure the app

  • Registration is automatic, which means no manual registration is necessary. You just have to install the TITANPush app on Jumpseller.

  • The prices are staggered related to the number of subscribers obtained through the subscription pop-up of the push notification channel.


To see all of our prices, choose a range of subscriptions in the professional channel dropdown:

  • The installment of TITANPush is 100% automatic, it is only necessary to click on the app and give the necessary permissions.


  • Support contact:
    • No support for free accounts
    • Basic support and within 48 hours:
    • Specialized support: Email + Whatsapp


What are web push notifications?

Web push notifications are a new communication channel that allows brands to deliver messages and product promotions to their customers at any time, even when the user is offline and not browsing the web. The web push notifications will always be displayed directly on the client's screen since there is no promotion tray or spam as in an email.

How do push notifications work?

Instead of downloading the brand's app, the user must go to its site and accept the necessary permissions when they are displayed. On the permission window, the user can choose to subscribe or not. If they don't, this window will be shown to them again within 7 (seven) days, giving them a new opportunity to subscribe. The permission will be shown to those users who meet the requirements to receive web push notifications: Loading the site from the Chrome browser in normal mode (not incognito), from any mobile operating system or PC (except iPhone).

How can I get subscribers?

You can get subscribers through your subscription window that will be displayed on your site. When customers enter, they must accept the permissions requested on this window to join your push subscriber base. You can also send subscription invitations to your clients through a link provided by the tool. You can send this link to your email database, upload it to social media, or send it through any available brand channel.

What shipping methods are there?

There are 2 (two) sending methods: standard and smart. The standard method will send the notifications in a single group and simultaneously to the entire selected subscriber base. On the other hand, smart sending will deliver the notification to each subscriber on a separate schedule. This schedule will be the result of an algorithm generated by the platform, based on the browsing history of each subscriber on the site.

Can I do segmented sendings?

Sure! You can segment your subscriber base by a device (mobile or desktop). You can also segment your audience based on their browsing history on your site. Segmented sendings are recommended for higher open rates and CTR.

How does automatically sending (retargeting & winback) work?

For retargeting sendings, the tool automatically sets up each notification and sends it to customers. The goal is to remember recently viewed products, product categories, and other relevant sections of the site that were visited. To do this, the platform will include the product image (if available), different random texts, and the URL of the product/section visited as well as the destination URL of the notification.

Winback sendings will be responsible for regaining subscribers who have spent +10 (ten) days without visiting the site, with a nice message and the brand's logo. The goal of this type of automatic sendings is to reinforce the brand’s presence among the audience.

How do pop-ups work?

TITANPush pop-ups will not be shown to the client at any time unless the client moves the cursor on their computer to the ‘close’ button of the tab or the browser. This window will give the brand one last chance to display a product or message before the user leaves. In addition to loading text, it allows loading an image, and all aspects of this pop-up are customizable: such as fonts, colors, buttons, images, among others. Do not forget that different pop-ups can be set up on different pages of the site or even on the same page but on different days/times.

Remember that the pop-ups will be shown to 100% of your visitors and they will not show up for 24 hours if the user closes the pop-up or clicks on its action button.

How do banners work?

TITANPush banners will be displayed to the client at all times and different banners can be configured on different pages of the site or even on the same page but on different days/times. The banners are 100% configurable, they allow you to choose the location on the screen and all aspects can be configured, from fonts, colors, buttons, among others.

Remember that the banners will be shown to 100% of your visitors and that it will stop showing for 30 days if the user closes the banner or clicks on the action button.

How do the WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger contact buttons work?

The WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger contact buttons can be set up from the platform in the Widgets option. In this case, both buttons can be set up, including the possibility to add text, choose the location, select different days/times on which they will be displayed, and pages of the site where you want them to be active.

What is the price of TITANPush?

TITANPush has a free trial period that includes up to 500 (five hundred) subscribers. Then, the price will be staggered, always depending on the number of subscribers that you accumulate monthly. The payment will be made through a monthly subscription with a credit card. You can check the different subscriptions in the plans section at