Digital/Virtual products

Virtual products, also labeled as virtual services, are intangible goods that can be downloaded online. Examples are: Online games, concert tickets, apps for the phone, etc.

Digital products is a broader category and includes software, music, images, videos, eBooks, designs, articles, etc. Photographers, writers and graphic designers are all examples of sellers using Jumpseller to offer their Digital/Virtual goods to their customers.

How to add Digital/Virtual products to your store

We created this step-by-step guide where we used an e-book as an example to help you with the process. (Optionally, you can also create a separate Category for your digital products to better organize your product list, which we’ll show you how to do next.)

Step 1:
After choosing a category, click the button “Add a product” at the top of the page. Add the name and description of your Digital/Virtual product.

Add Digital Product Step 1

Step 2:
Fill in the property details of the product (Price, stock, sku, brand and status) and insert the shipping weight (which is 0 KG for digital and virtual products).

Add Digital Product Step 2

Step 3:
At the option “Product attachments” the small box “Digital or Virtual Products” must be marked in order for an authenticated URL to be created. At this step the Digital/Virtual file can be uploaded.

Add Digital Product Step 3

Step 4:
Before saving the changes, you can also add an image to the product at the left of your screen.

Add Digital Product Step 4

Your new digital/virtual product is created and customers are now able to buy and download your link.

Buyers view

After the customer has bought your Digital/Virtual product, there are 2 places to download the products:

  1. Success page:
    This is the landing page immediately after the purchase. The product can be downloaded here.
    Buying Product 1

  2. E-mail:
    After the order has been placed and paid, an e-mail is sent with a download link included.

Buying Product 2


As a store owner it is possible to have control over your Digital/Virtual product(s) by setting a maximum number of downloads and to have a maximum of days that your customers can download it. Further this will also prevent your products from piracy.

To change the settings of these attachments downloads, go to "settings" in the left panel and choose the sub tab "checkout". Here you can both change the expiration date and the maximum number of download attempts.

Security Overview