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Important: In order to utilize the Mobile App, please make sure your online store is using the checkout version “V2”.

The Jumpseller Mobile App currently supports the following actions:

  1. Manage orders from your online store.

  2. Receive notifications and see all orders and corresponding details in one place.

  3. Browse, filter or edit order history.

  4. Update payment and shipment status.

  5. Route navigation and GPS tracking of carriers.

  6. Advanced status options about order delivery progress.

  7. Filter and order shipping according to distance, weight and other characteristics.

How to enable Same Day Deliveries

With the Jumpseller Mobile App, merchants can enable GPS tracking and Route Navigation for orders being delivered by couriers. This feature can be used for offering a Fast-Delivery option to your customers.

If the merchant has made changes to the order_paid email then he should contact our support and ask to add the Track Delivery button to that email. This button can be used by clients to re-open the checkout success screen if they have closed it.

Same Day Deliveries

It’s available for the shipping methods: Free, Table Rates and Flat rates.

Activating the same day delivery option, allows the merchant to select the default delivery time for that method. This time will be calculated when a courier picks up an order and it will be displayed on the checkout success page to the client.

Example: delivery time 2h10 and the courier picks up the order at 3pm, the estimated delivery time that will be displayed to the client is 5pm and 10 mins.

mobile app gps

When a shipping method has the same_day_delivery option enabled the client will see an indication on the shipping methods during the checkout process if the inserted address is a valid one (could fetch coordinates).


The client is also presented with a map to be able to make a small adjustment to the location shown. The corrected coordinates will be used only for indication purposes and not to change the address where the courier will deliver the order.

At the end of the checkout process, the client will be able to track the order delivery in the success screen. A red line in a map will let the client know the courier’s route while he is making the delivery and it’s also possible to see a log with the delivery status and courier messages.

As an order is created, the merchant can mark it as in preparation or ready to be picked up. The orders ready for pickup will appear on the courier’s orders list for him to deliver. Once the courier starts the delivery, the merchant will have a button on the order’s screen that will lead him to the order success screen to be able to check the order delivery.

order information

The map and the messages that are shown at the checkout success screen look like the following example:


If the courier cancels the delivery, a message will be shown to the client informing that the courier canceled it and that it is now awaiting to be picked up by another courier. When a new courier picks up the order, the messages shown to the client are reset.

The merchant will have access to Delivery History with the messages corresponding to each state of the delivery as well as messages sent by the courier to the customer. He can access this by going to the fulfillments list, clicking on the three dots of a fulfillment and selecting the “Go To Fulfillment” option.


At the bottom of the fulfillment page there will be the Delivery History. By passing the mouse above the user icon, the store owner can see who was the courier that made the delivery:


Manually enable GPS tracking and Route Navigation for orders

In case your store doesn’t have an active shipping method that allows your clients to track orders, you can enable this feature manually by going to All orders and selecting the order you wish to enable GPS tracking for. Make sure the order is in preparation.


Click on Fulfill Order > Integrated Fulfillment.


Select the Own Fleet option to enable the live map.


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