Shipping rates are usually defined as the prices charged for shipping a product between two different locations. To start editing these rates on Jumpseller, you have to go to Admin Panel > Settings > Shipping. Then you will have to complete these steps to configure shipping rates:

  1. Shippable Countries: this section allows you to define to which countries you will be shipping. You have three different options:

    • All Countries: if you select Yes, you will be shipping to USA, Spain, UK, Brazil, Japan and 213 other countries. All Countries
    • Selected Countries: if you select No, you will be able to define the countries where you are going to ship by choosing from the select list of countries. Selected Countries
  2. Shipping Methods: here you select the shipping methods your customers can choose during the checkout. There are five different methods:

    • Free shipping: method where the shipping costs are included in the product price. This kind of method is usual in virtual goods as show tickets where you pick it up at the store.
    • Flat Rate: it is the simplest method because there are no calculations or variations. For example, all products shipped to the US have the same rate: 50 USD. Flate Rates You can set two different types of fees: a fixed amount per product (e.g. 50 USD) or defined percentage of the product’ s price (e.g. 2%). This kind of shipping method is often used on stores shipping only to a specific region or country where the shipping costs are almost the same everywhere you ship.
      • Table: by using this method, you can set different prices per country (and regions within that country, e.g. Texas (USA).
        Table Rates
  3. Those prices can be based on one of the following three variables:

    • Number of Articles: total number of articles in the order.
    • Price: the sum of all products added to your order.
    • Weight: total order weight. It depends of the product’s weight set at the Product Details page.

As you can see you can set ranges for specific prices, for instance, for weights between 0-1.99kg the shipping is free. For weights between 2-4.99kg or 5kg and above, the prices are 10 and 25EUR respectively. For setting this kind of ranges you need to insert the top weight value after the range: if it is from 0.3 to 0.5 just, add value 0.5 and the range between 0.3 (or the lowest value, like 0.2, 0.1 or 0.0) to 0.5 is automatically created.

For example A similar table from Fedex. The procedure for number of articles and prices is similar.

  • You can also have specific tables for different countries or locations. Firstly click on Add New Shipping Table below the table you are editing.

  • Then you will be able to add Countries (which include all regions) or target these shipping rules to specific Regions in each country.

    New Table Rates

If no new rules are set for the countries you define as shippable , the "Rest of the World" default prices would be considered.

  • Correios Brasil: if your online store is operating in Brazil there is a specific system. Check our tutorial with more details about Correios Brasil.

  • Chilexpress: this is a specific delivering system if you are offering your products for Chile.

First you have to choose which delivering service you would like to offer. There are three options:

  • Dia Habil Siguiente: the product will be shipped the next business day.

  • Ultra Rapido: the product will be shipped the next day.

  • Overnight: the product will be shipped immediately.

You also have to fill in from which region the product originates. Give proper titles to the shipping methods you are using in order to avoid any misunderstanding. All of them will be displayed on the front-end of your store.