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How to Use Syncee With Jumpseller

With the Syncee app, you can find over a million products of reliable suppliers from around the world and create your Dropshipping store.

The Syncee Marketplace is designed to help online retailers pick products one-by-one or in bulk from our suppliers’ selection. Choose only those items you wish to sell, and let us fill your store with every necessary data.

Syncee for retailers gives you:

  • Virtual/Digital Inventory: No upfront investment in stock.

  • Short Lead Time: Choose local suppliers to provide quick delivery to your clients.

  • Various Categories: We offer many product categories from Fashion to Electronics.

  • AI-based Search: Our intelligent product search helps to find the most-related items.

  • Auto-synchronization: We keep the product data up-to-date in your online store.

Connect Jumpseller to Syncee

There are two ways of installing Syncee into your Jumpseller store. You can choose any of them.

1. From Jumpseller

  • Go to your Jumpseller account and there to the Apps menu. Look for Syncee, and click on the name of it.

  • After this, you have to click on the green Install App button. Your store will be connected to Syncee immediately. You are done now.

  • You do not have to register an account again at Syncee’s signup page as your account has been created automatically when you installed the application from Jumpseller!

2. From Syncee

  • Go to Syncee’s signup page to register an account for your online store. At the first time you will log in, you are going to see a Getting started page where you can click on the Add your store button.

  • Choose Jumpseller there by clicking on the Install button next to it and add your Jumpseller store’s domain name so you can finish the process.

  • From here you will be redirected to your Jumpseller page. If you are already logged in to your store’s account you just have to install Syncee. If you don’t arrive to your admin page, please log in first.

  • You will have to approve permissions at Jumpseller to authorize Syncee to use your account for managing products in your online store.

  • If you missed connecting your Jumpseller store on the Getting started page in Syncee, you can do it any time by going to the My shops menu in your Syncee account in the bottom right corner of the screen, and on the page that appears click on the Add new store button.

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