The most essential part to get your web store started is adding your products. With this tutorial we want to give you a brief overview of how you can add a new product to your store and all the features related to this option.

  1. How to manage my Product stock?
  2. Import Products Via A CSV File
  3. How do I add a Video to my Product page?

Adding your products

Step 1: Go to the selection “Products” in the left menu.

Step 2: Click “Add a product” on the right of the page.

New Product

Step 3: Now you can fill in all the details of your product.

  • Name: Name of the product displayed on the online store

  • Categories: Product’s category. You can add the product to an existing category or create a new one.

  • Description: Product’s description is perhaps the most important detail of any product. Nowadays the number of people buying online is rapidly increasing and, most of them, are using search engines to find the products they want to buy. This kind of behaviour is exactly why your product description is so important. A wise selection of keywords to include in the description will help you to get an higher position on those search engines and, with that, attract more customers to your store. Please find more about Search Engine Optimization on Wikipedia.
    In addition to this fact is also very important to have an informative (but not too long) text description to which you can include extra images or videos. Description also allow you to add and edit HTML.

  • Image: Everybody knows the adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" that refers to the notion that any complex idea can be conveyed with just a single image. On e-commerce this adage has a lot of meaning: having good pictures from your products is essential. Try to choose appealing pictures for each one of your products avoiding some critical mistakes as don’t use high resolution photos or don’t load a larger picture size than you need.

For each product you can upload as many images as you need (with maximum file size: 2 MB). The first image on the left, is used as main image that, depending on the template you are using, can be the biggest one. If you want to select a new main image, upload it and then just drag & drop it to the first left position.

Product Description


  • Price: Main product price in your store’s currency (e.g. US Dollars) displayed on the online store. To change the currency go to Admin Panel >Settings > Currency

  • SKU: Stock-keeping unit or SKU is, according to Wikipedia a number or code that identifies each unique product or item for sale in a store or other business. Use this feature to better manage your inventory, even, by synchronizing your online store with your inventory management system.

  • Stock: The number of units available. There is already a simple stock management system where the stock decreases automatically when your products are purchased. Keep in mind that if you go out of stock, the customers won’t be able to complete the payment. To avoid this kind of problems check the Manage Your Orders Tutorial.

  • Status: There are three possible status:

    • Available: Product is available on the store and can be added to the cart;
    • Not Available: Product is visible on the store but not available to be purchased. This status is very useful if a product ran out of stock and you need time to replenish it (e.g. your supplier’s factory is located in Asia) but you don’t want to lose sales leads. Using this status you can still promote it and receive inquiries.
    • Disabled: Product is not displayed on the store. In case you have seasonal products (e.g. only sold during Christmas time) and don’t want to promote them during the rest of the year.
    • Featured: This option tags your product as "featured", depending on your template, it can prominently displayed on your website, like in your homepage slideshow.

  • Shipping: Here you include the products weight (in kilograms) used in shipping rates calculations.

Product Property

  • Product Options: These option enables you to manage variants of the products available in your store. If you are selling T-Shirts, product options would be Sizes and Colors, like S,M,L and Red, Green, Yellow, respectively. Please also note that this option overrides the stock and price previously defined. Discover more about Product Options on Jumpseller.

Product Options

How to manage my Products stock?

Managing stock can be a daunting task, especially if you have a big number of products.

Some options to better manage your Products’ stock:

  • Edit stock levels at your Admin Panel. We do a simple inventory control;
  • For stores with hundreads of products you can use our Import/Export Products to CSV option. We suggest you to first Export your Product data, edit them without changing the file structure and upload it again;
  • For clients with stock management software (Invoicing systems, ERPs, etc) you can integrate your store with any other service via our API. Exceller is a mini-app, using our API allowing you to quickly edit your store’s products (including stock). It’s open-source and you can extend it as you wish.

Import Products Via A CSV File

Please review our Import Products Via A CSV File page

How do I add a Video to my Product page?

It is possible to add videos to your Product's description by embeding them:

  1. Firstly, copy the video embed code from Youtube or Vimeo (or whatever service you use): for YouTube:

  2. Go to your Product Details Page.

  3. Click Add Video as bellow: Product Description

  4. Paste it in your Product Description: Product Description

  5. Save your Product and that's it.

This information is also valid for our Text Editor on other sections of your Admin Panel, like the Pages or the Store Description.