An order that has been left incomplete is called an Abandoned Order. This can happen when the customer creates an order but does not check out or follow through. There can be a possibility of recovery if the customer is informed or reminded to complete the order check out.

Abandoned Cart Recovery is very effective as a sales recovery tactic.

At Jumpseller, we provide Abandoned Order services for several payment methods such as Webpay,Servipag, Khipu and Paypal. We do not provide Abandoned Order services for manual payments, but in the near future we expect to provide services for all payment gateways.

To enable this feature, just go to the admin page and click on Emails under Settings on the left side bar. Once you are there, click on the option Automatically send this email on every order. Here, you can also modify the Subject line for the email and add Notified email addresses.


On the following image you can see where to change the settings for orders, you just go to your store admin page, click on Settings and then click on Checkout. There you can see as highlighted, the setting to change the pending order expiration time.


However, you must know that only the system has the power to change the status of of an order to “Abandoned order” and it can not be done manually.


The only way to go back to the Cart with previously added products (if stock is still available) is via the email. The email is sent to the customer, when the order status becomes “Abandoned”. A sample of the email sent by the system can be seen in the following image: