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How To Manage Orders with Jumpseller

In this tutorial, we will briefly explain to you how you can manage orders efficiently. On the orders page, you can view order history, order status, invoices and other valuable information.

Once you are on the orders page, you can see the Orders list.

  • Here you have some information about all the orders such as; Order ID, Date Created, Customer Name, Payment Method, Payment Status and Fulfillment Status. orders
    • Print the order information. This option is always shown.
    • Get a URL to duplicate the cart used on the order. This option is always shown as well.
    • Get a URL to recover the cart and send an email to the client so he can recover. This only shows up when the status of the order is abandoned or cancelled.
    • Print a label when the order fulfilment is done. This label can be used to send a package.
    • There is also a button on the right side where it is possible to change the order status and another one to fulfil the order when the order is not fulfilled. When its fulfilled it shows the fulfilment status. orders
  • If you click on a particular order, you will have the order details for it. orders
  • Products list
    • Here you can see all the products bought in the order (image, name, SKU, quantity, price, discount). In the bottom, you have the total price, the price of shipping, if any promotion was used in that order and the taxes (when they exist).
  • Order Information
    • Here you can see the name of the customer, email, the phone number and the time and date the order was bought. You also have the payment information, the payment method chosen by the customer. There is a section with additional information that only exists when an order has any additional information.
  • Address information
    • This area shows up the shipping address and billing address with a map location.
  • Fulfilment section orders
    • Each order can have one of the following four possible payment statuses:
      • Abandoned: if your customer completed the order but decided to leave the order without paying. This status can only be set by the system and is used by the Recover Abandoned Orders feature.
      • Open: if you customer completed the order, was redirected to pay the order, but decided to go back to the store or update the products on the cart. This status can only be set by the system and will be changed to Abandoned, according to the expiration time you have defined in your store checkout settings. The customer can still complete the purchase before this status change.
      • Pending Payment: if your customer completed the order, was redirected to pay the order but the payment gateway did not confirm yet the payment.
      • Paid: if the order has been already paid.
      • Cancelled: if the order was cancelled by the user.
    • Fulfillments can have any one of the following 4 statuses at a time:
      • Fulfilled (processed)
      • Partial (processed for some products)
      • Unfulfilled (not processed)
      • Not Applicable (digital order)
    • Use can also “Cancel Fulfillment” by pressing the button.

    Note: You can now see the shipment status for the orders in the fulfillments page .

    When the order needs to be fulfilled this section doesn’t show up and it shows the “Fulfill” button on the header. When the order is fulfilled it shows the fulfilment information, depending on the company used, and if the fulfilment was done manually or automatically. When it’s done automatically usually in this area it is possible to see a tracking code with a link to the shipping company website to track the order. See more details about Order Fulfillment. orders

  • Digital product section
    • When the order has digital products this area exists instead of the fulfilment one. orders
  • Order History
    • You can view the order history to check when the order was created and what is its status. This helps you keep track of the order lifecycle. orders

With Jumpseller, you have the option of adding Direct Buy Links to your social media pages. This allows users to be redirected to your store cart via an external source. The users will have a chance to buy the products directly from this link. To see more details regarding “how to add direct buy links?” please read the following guide.

Export Orders

You can export orders along with the products information or you can export only the basic information of your orders.


    1. Filter the orders you want to export
    1. Click on the Export Button on the top right corner of the orders list
    1. Select your preffered format: Excel or plain CSV, Simple (only Order details) or with Product information. Export Orders

Order export CSV structure


  • Payment Status Latest Payment Status of the Order
    Shipment Status Latest Fulfillment Status of the Order
    Date Date of the first completition of the order. An order is completed when is paid or cancelled. If order status is Abandoned or Pending, Date is the creation date
    Email Email of the customer
    Phone Phone of the customer
    Subtotal Subtotal of the order
    Shipping Shipping Price of the order
    Tax Tax of the order
    Discount Total discount of the order
    Total Total price paid by the customer
    Currency Currency of the Store
    Product Name (Only with product Information) Name of the product followed by the variant details. Example: Shirt (Color: Green, Size: XL)
    Product SKU (Only with product Information) SKU of the ordered product
    Product Barcode (Only with product Information) Barcode of the product
    Product Qty (Only with product Information) Amount of the ordered product in units
    Product Price (Only with product Information) Ordered product price
    Product Discount (Only with product Information) Ordered product discount
    Product Tax Ordered product tax
    Shipping Municipality Shipping Address - Municipality
    Shipping Name Shipping Address - Name and Surname of the order recipient
    Shipping Address Shipping Address - Address Line
    Shipping City Shipping Address - Municipality
    Shipping Region Shipping Address - Region
    Shipping Postal Code Shipping Address - Postal Code
    Shipping Country Shipping Address - Country
    Shipping Tax ID Shipping Address - Taxid of the order recipient
    Shipping Name Shipping Method - Name of the shipping method selected by the customer
    Shipping Tracking Number Shipping Method - Tracing number of the order
    Shipping Tracking Company Shipping Method - Name of the shipping Ccmpany
    Billing Municipality Billing Address - Municipality
    Billing Name Billing Address - Name and Surname of the buyer
    Billing Address Billing Address - Address line
    Billing City Billing Address - City
    Billing Region Billing Address - Region
    Billing Postal Code Billing Address - Postal Code
    Billing Country Billing Address - Country
    Billing Tax ID Billing Address - Tax ID
    Payment Name Name of the Payment Method
    Payment Information Payment information provided by the Payment Processor
    Extra Checkout Fields All custom fields added in the Admin Panel: Settings > Checkout


Can I delete an Order?

It is not possible to Delete Orders but you can mark them as canceled.

What are Pending Payment Orders?

The “Pending Payment” status indicates the merchant will need to perform a manual revision of the payment. Most of the times this happens when:

  1. Customer adds a product to the cart;
  2. A customer checks out selecting Bank Transfer payment or similar manual payment;
  3. The Order is now Pending Payment;
  4. Merchant will need to check their PayPal, Webpay, bank account, etc and manually change the Order Status to “Paid” or “Canceled”.

What happens with the stock when there is a Pending Order Payment?

For example, you have an item with stock 2 and you sold 1. When the purchase is done and shows up like “Pending” or “Paid”, the item’s stock automatically deducts, therefore it will come up like Stock 1.

  • If you point this order like “Send”, the stock will be the same (reduced to 1), since it was already discounted in advance.

  • If you point the same order as “Canceled”, the stock will be reversed and it will be stock 2 again.

What’s the difference between ‘Pending’ and ‘Abandoned’ Orders?

  • A Pending Payment Order indicates the Order might still change to Paid. Either automatically via a Payment Gateway notification. Or manually by the merchant (p.e. for Bank Transfers).

  • An Abandoned Order is an Incomplete or Abandoned Order. These Orders can be recovered by inviting the Customer (via email) to complete Order Checkout Processes.

Can orders be downloaded or integrated with an external invoicing system?

Using our API you can download all your online store orders’ history and integrate it with your invoicing system.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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