With the help of Zoho you can set up businesses and enterprises, create and use your own domain business communications (e.g. yourname@yourcompany.com). Zoho also offers a vast variety of applications apart from the mail services, but they depend on the package you are subscribing for. Zoho Mail is in high demand because it is free for up to 25 mailboxes and offers 5 GB free storage. When using Zoho to create a custom email, quite often the hardest part is verification of Domain and configuration of MX records.

Domain Verification

In Zoho, domain verification can be done in three ways, CNAME, TXT Method and HTML Method. CNAME is the easiest and in this article we only focus on that. The HTML method can't be used in Jumpseller.

Domain Verification with CNAME

This means to Add a unique 'CNAME' record specified by us in the domain's DNS Manager.

  1. You need to have a Domain, now you can use Zoho to buy a domain or you can even create one with Jumpseller. Use your Jumpseller domain to register with Zoho. Click control panel and then click on Domain, it should start the verification wizard. Then you should select your domains DNS provider, which in this case will be others, you can see at the end. zoho step 1

  2. Choose CNAME tab to generate the unique zb code for your domain. Copy the unique zb****** code generated for your account. zoho step 2

  3. Now go to the Jumpseller admin page, which is the following: zoho step 3 Click on “Settings” you see on the left pane and click on “Domains”.

  4. Once you are on the Domains page, click on the Manage DNS button. zoho step 4

  5. Now click on Create Record Set at the top, and choose “CNAME-Canonical Name” from the “types” menu on the right hand side. zoho step 5

  6. Now go to the Zoho verification wizard, copy the unique code and paste it in the “Name bar” visible above “Type” on the Jumpseller Manage DNS page.

  7. Now go back to the Zoho verification wizard and copy the text in the Value/Point To/ Destination row. zoho step 7 Paste this on the “Value” section on the Jumpseller Manage DNS page, and then click on Create. You have successfully verified your domain, now you may move on to the next steps as guided by Zoho.

Setup MX Records

Once you are done with Domain verification, the next step to be careful about is the configuration of Email Delivery. MX record entries are special DNS Server records that designate recipient email servers for your domain. As seen in the picture below you can change the MX Records after creating all of the user accounts and email addresses in Zoho.


  1. Go to the Domain account on jumpseller, and click on Manage DNS

zohomx step1

  1. You need to remove the existing entries, by editing "MX Record". zohomx step2

  2. Now click on “Create Record Set” at the top, and choose - Mail exchange” from the “types” menu on the right hand side zohomx step3

  3. Now go back to the setup Wizard in Zoho and Copy the following : Zoho step4

  4. Go back to the jumpseller Manage DNS page and paste them in the “Value” section in the following order: zohomx step5

  5. Click on “Create” and you should see your new record set. It can take up to 72 hours for the records to change. You can also check that your MX records are correct with the Mx Lookup Toolbox.