A personalized email, like tiago@mystore.com, is easy and cheap to get.

Jumpseller does not provide email service as we solely dedicated to e-commerce and there are plenty of great professional email services around, such as:

Many hosting companies (p.e. Rackspace) and domain registrars (p.e. Godaddy) provide email services as part of their offers. The quality of their service is normally lower then the upper mentioned companies.

When you create a Jumpseller store you start with a domain like mystore.jumpseller.com which our customers normally change to a custom domain like www.mystore.com.

Having a custom domain configured at your store implies that either:

  1. You manage your own domain DNS. You should choose Option 1, when you are happy with your domain registrar or hosting company for managing your domains and, perhaps emails services. On this case, little configuration is needed for your emails and everything works as it always worked.

  2. We, Jumpseller, manage your domain DNS. Option 2 is suitable for customers who want to stop paying for their current hosting services and change to a professional email service.

    This is the course of actions that take place:

    1. You email us informing what is your custom domain name (p.e. mystore.com)
    2. We send you the NAMESERVERS information you will use
    3. You change the NAMESERVERS at your domain registrar (p.e. DNS.pt, NIC.cl)
    4. We now control your DNS settings and configure the basic, so you can change the URL of your store from mystore.jumpseller.com to www.mystore.com
    5. We provide your access to your DNS settings so you can configure the DNS records for the professional email service you selected (p.e. Google Apps)


My emails are not being sent? How can Jumpseller’s support help?

There are several reasons for an email not being sent. Firstly, we need to confirm there’s not a problem with your email inbox and use our own email, support@jumpseller.com, to test it out.

Please do the following:

  1. At your Admin Panel > Configuration > Email > Orders Paid add support@jumpseller.com to the list of email’s recipients

  2. Create a Test Order with a Manual Payment (like a Bank Transfer) - or a real one you prefer :)

  3. At your Admin Panel > Orders set this New Order’s Status to “Paid”.

  4. Confirm with Jumpseller’s Support that the email “Order Paid” has been received (or not).

  5. If no email is received by Jumpseller we have just confirmed this problem.

Emails are being sent from no-reply@jumpseller.com. Can they be sent from name@mystore.com?

Sure, sending emails from your own domain is a better experience for you and your clients.

We have this option available for all Premium Plan customers.

I changed my DNS NAMESERVERS and my email stopped working. What’s happening?

Most of the times, you were using an email service provided by your hosting company. When you pass the DNS settings to Jumpseller that email service stops working. You have two options:

  1. Change the NAMESERVERS back to your original ones (so that your hosting company start managing your DNS again)

  2. Select a professional email service and migrate your emails accounts to G Suite, Microsoft Live, etc and, most likely, cancel your account with your hosting company.

How do I verify my domain ownership with Google Webmaster Tools?

  1. Google will provide you a CNAME, like:

    The most important information is:

    CNAME name: sz5fpjlcie7z.mydomain.cl.
    CNAME destination: gv-yhwdxf66cr4jii.dv.googlehosted.com
  2. Add this CNAME name & destination to your DNS

    If you are your Jumpseller DNS system set it as bellow.

    [Jumpseller DNS system]: /hc/en-us/articles/202650735-How-do-I-manage-my-Domain-DNS-

How do I configure Zoho SMTP?

Check Zoho Email documentation.