Add a domain to your Jumpseller Store

By default when creating a Jumpseller store, your primary domain will look like When you get a free custom domain included in your plan, for example it is automatically configured to work as your primary domain.

There are two ways to add a custom domain to your Jumpseller Store:

  1. By requesting your free domain in your admin panel: Settings > Domains > Add Domain

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  2. Setup a third-party domain. If you already own a custom domain then you can use that one, either by Changing the Nameservers of it or by pointing your DNS Reccords to your store or by Transfering the domain to Jumpseller.

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How to setup a third-party domain.

There are three alternatives on how to setup your third party domain, choose the one that suits you the best.

In most cases this is the method you should follow, since it's the most simple. Once you finish the setup all previous services associated with this domain such as Emails, FTP, etc. might stop working. See How to change your Nameservers.

2. Change your DNS Records to point your Domain to your Jumpseller Store

If you want your domain to be managed by a third party, for example a hosting service that also provides with an email with your custom domain you should follow this option. See How to Point your DNS Records to your store.

3. Transfer your domain to Jumpseller

See How to Transfer your Domain to Jumpseller.