Although Jumpseller provides you a '' format domain, it is always better to user your own domain as it seems more professional and improves your branding.

You can either subscribe to our Plans and choose a domain name (.com, .org. or .net) and we will take care of all technical details without further costs, or you can use the following instructions to buy a domain name with a third party registrar and set this domain in Jumpseller.

Buying a Domain

If you subscribe to our Plans, Jumpseller offers you a custom domain.

  1. Choose 'Add domain' and next 'Buy a new domain' option. Buy a domain

  2. Your new domain must have the extension .com, .org or .net. The new domain must be available. Domain no available

    Domain available

  3. If the domain is available, you can finally confirm the purchase. Purchase Confirm

Add a Domain You Already Own

In Jumpseller you can add multiple domains you already own to your shop. Depending on the plan you subscribed has different options. In addition to the Jumpseller native domain, you can add different domains for different languages of your store depending on your plan:
- Plus: You can add 2 domain in the main language of Store.
- Pro: You can add 5 domain in the main language of Store.
- Premium: You can add as many domains as you want for all languages of your store. (eg: you can have a domain for each language of your store)

You can add a domain or a subdomain of a domain you already own.

NOTE: If you want add your domain with 'www',in this case, your domain is considered a sub-domain of the domain itself. (eg is subdomain of

  1. Choose 'Add a domain you already own' option. If you have subscribed Premium plan you can choose for what language is this domain. Add a domain you already own

  2. In this step you will see if your domain have nameservers.If not, you must add the nameservers of Jumpseller on the platform where you purchased your domain. If your domain already has nameservers configured, you can substitute for the Jumpseller nameservers or you can only configure the A-Record or CName on next step. To view the Jumpseller nameservers, you must click on the 'View Nameservers' button and wait a few seconds. Nameservers

    Jumpseller Nameservers

  3. Now, you can see if your domain points to Jumpseller.

    • If you added a domain like Cname

    • If you added a sub-domain with 'www' or other sub-domain, like or Cname

  4. Finally, the domain configuration on your Admin Panel has been finished. Cname

    Domains Interface

Note: The domain may take some time to change to the green state, this time depends the time of the setup on the platform it was purchased.

When your domain is with green status, you can make him the primary domain of your store. Make Primary Domain

You can edit the configuration of your domain, see why the status is not green and delete your domain, the options that are on the right on hover the domain Domain Option

Configure Your Domain

(On the Platform Where you Purchased Your Domain)

General Instructions

  1. After you buy the domain, you will have to point it to our servers. For this, you will have to go to the DNS panel of your domain and create a CNAME Record with the name 'www' and point it to '' and forward all your domain to the www alias.
    Example: your domain is '', so after creating the 'www' alias (CNAME) you will forward everything to ''.

  2. The last step is setting the domain name in your store admin panel. Just go to Settings, insert the domain in the url field and click save.
    Note: You can add multiple Domain Names to your store, like and, by adding them to the URL field separated by a comma (,).

The following tutorials better detail this process, according to the domain registar where you purchased your domain name


  1. Log into your GoDaddy account and select the option 'Domains' Setup your Jumpseller Domain Name

  2. A list of your domains opens. Select the 'Manage DNS' option of the domain you want to modify. Setup your Jumpseller Domain Name

  3. Select 'DNS zone files'. If there is already a record called 'www', click on the edit icon that is to the right, or click 'Add Record'. Setup your Jumpseller Domain Name Insert '' in the 'Point A' field and click on the 'Finish' to save. Setup your Jumpseller Domain Name

  4. It's almost ready! You must click 'Save Changes' to finish. Setup your Jumpseller Domain Name

  5. (Optional) You can go to 'Settings' and manage the 'Forwarding' option Manage forwarding

  6. (Optional) Add your new domain name in the form (Don't forget the www). Forwarding domain

  7. After waiting around 1 hour for your domain register to update its records, the state of domain must be green.


  1. Login to your CPanel
  2. Select Simple DNS Zone Editor
    Cambiar Dominio via CPanel

  3. Add your Name and CNAME Record:

    • Name: www
    • CNAME:

Agregar NAME y CNAME to CPanel

NOTE: Most of the times the Name "www" is reserved and you'll need to contact your hosting to do this step.
4. Wait between 30 mins to 1h.


Check the Chilean version of this page. / (Brazil)

Check the Brazilian version of this page.

My www domain works but my non-www does not. What should I do?

Many times www domain (like works fine but the non-www domain (like does not.

You can configure your non-www domain to redirect itself to the www-domain. Here's how:

  1. Go to your DNS Panel (either in CPanel or your Domain’s Registar DNS section)

1.1 If you just set up NAMESERVERS pointing to our Jumpseller servers (most .cl and .pt domains work like this) contact us at

  1. Add a A Record and point it to the IP address:

  2. Wait at least 1 hour for this modifications to propagate around the internet.

  3. You are done.