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How to Configure WhatsApp with your Online Store

Use the WhatsApp Conversational Commerce sales channel to drive more sales and reach a wider audience! With this app, you can send order notifications to the customers that opt-in for that choice during checkout.

Why should you consider it as an important sales channel for your business? Well, here are some stats:

  • 81% of people message a business to ask about a product or service.

  • 74% of people message a business to make a purchase.

  • 75% message a business to get support for a product or service.

As of today, it exclusively uses a Jumpseller number to send all notifications. As a store owner you have the option to include a link at the bottom of every message that redirects the customer to your business/personal whatsapp account.

Benefits of this Sales Channel

Some of the main benefits of this Sales Channel for your store are:

  • Notify your customers in real time, regarding the status of their orders;
  • Send payment information through a WhatsApp message (example: ATM reference, transaction information, etc.) to make it easier for the client to pay, even when he loses access to the internet;
  • Increase in sales due to the recovery of abandoned orders, through a notification with a link sent to WhatsApp;
  • Facilitate a more direct and personal contact with your clients after the checkout.

Conditions to send Notifications

The different types of notifications are only sent if all these conditions apply:

  • The phone number custom field needs to be activated in the checkout settings.
  • The checkout custom field to receive the whatsapp notifications must be checked by the customer during checkout.
  • The client must input a valid number in the checkout custom field of the phone number (this includes the country code / international number e.g. +351 911911911, we recommend that you use version 2 of checkout since there is a special field for the country code, to ensure that the phone number is properly set).
  • All the fields necessary to send the message can’t be empty.

Types of Notifications

We currently have 4 different types of notifications:

  1. Order Abandoned - When an order changes to the abandoned status we send a message (which includes a link to the abandoned order). The following variables are included in the message: store_name, customer_name, recover_order_url.

  2. Order Confirmed - When an order changes to the paid status we send the message. The following variables are included in the message: store_name, customer_name, order_number, order_total (currency depending on the template).

  3. Order Information - When an order changes to the pending_payment status we send a message. The following variables are included in the message: store_name, customer_name, order_number, order_total, payment_method and payment_details. The store owner can choose the payment methods that will trigger this notification. Currently only activated for the payment methods: manual, ifthenpay_multibanco, sibs_multibanc.

  4. Order Shipped - When an order changes to the shipped status we send a message. The following variables are included in the message: store_name, order_number, shipping_address and shipping_method.

There are also other messages that we send:

  • Auto-reply - sent when a customer sends a whatsapp message to the Jumpseller Bot number.. We will proceed to look for the last store the customer interacted with through WhatsApp and send an auto-reply message containing the link for direct conversation ( link) and an url to the store.

  • Unsubscribe Message - sent as a success auto-reply message if the client unsubscribes the promotional notifications (this is only an option for order abandoned notifications at the moment).

Migrate an existing WhatsApp number to a business account

If you want to use an existing Whatsapp number, you need to migrate it from the mobile app to Whatsapp business platform.

Note: It is important to make a backup of your WhatsApp application before migrating. When switching to the WhatsApp Business platform, you will be unable to use the same number in your normal WhatsApp mobile application. It is advised to assign an alternative number to be used on the WhatsApp Business platform so your personal WhatsApp application and data are not affected.

To migrate a number, follow the META instructions within the trading manager of your META account by following the META instructions

Once you migrate the phone number to the WhatsApp business platform, you will not be able to use it in the WhatsApp application at the same time.

However, you have the option to select a pre-verified phone number provided by Jumpseller. Selecting a pre-verified phone number during installation will incur an additional monthly charge (USD 2$/month).

How to Install

  1. From your admin panel, go to Sales Channels from the left menu and install WhatsApp Notifications.

  2. Connect via your Facebook Account.

  3. Give Permissions and click Continue.

    sales-channel-install sales-channel-install
  4. Connect to your Meta Business account, add the country and link to your website.

  5. Create/select your WhatsApp Business Profile. To use your phone number, click on “Create a new WhatsApp Business profile” from the selection bar.

    • If you’d rather choose one of Jumpseller’s pre-verified numbers, simply select it from the options provided in the same bar.
    pre-verified phone number
  6. After you have made your selection for a phone number, you can add some more information about your business, it is recommended that you add this information since it will be visible on your WhatsApp profile.

  7. Next you need to select a verification method where you will recieve the code to finish the process.

  8. You can now see the Message templates that are available, you can turn them on as per your requirement.


Configure Settings

You can activate each of the notifications available. When activating an option it will automatically create a webhook for that specific notification in the store (e.g. Order Confirmed notification will create a webhook for the Order Paid).


Inside each type of notification you can see the Message Template, It includes variables between { {} } that will be changed with the values corresponding to that notification. From here, you can send yourself a Test message (it will still charge a fee).


Once the service starts working, your clients will receive messages through WhatsApp like this:


You can also suspend the service to disable the app, this will automatically delete the checkout custom field created during the application setup.

Custom Templates

You can also use the existing templates and modify them, this will allow you to send a custom outgoing message to customers.

From the WhatsApp menu, click on Settings. In the Automated WhatsApp Notifications section you can click on any message and modify it.

edit-template modify-template

Analytics and Tracking

There is also a section inside the Application where you can track message statistics. For this just click on Messages.

account-details account-details

Here you can see the amount of existing messages for each state (sent, failed, delivered, read).

By default the statistics shown are relative to the last 30 days for all messages statuses and types. You can change these filters according to the information you wish to be displayed.

The messages displayed are also influenced by the filters selected. Each row represents a single message and contains detailed information regarding it: type, associated order, phone number, date and also a column indicating whether the message is paid or not (more about this is the pricing section).

Failed messages have a retry button at the end of the row, by clicking this button our system will try to resend the failed message.

Pricing and Store Credit

You can use store credit to pay for these messages. For the service to work, your balance sheet must be positive. Each 24-hour conversation started has a fixed cost based on the customer’s country. Additionally, Jumpseller charges €0.01 for each conversation . Later, we convert the total price amount to the store’s currency.


Businesses and users can exchange any number of messages, including template messages, within a 24 hour conversation session without incurring additional charges. Each 24 hour conversation session results in a single charge. The amount charge may differ based on the conversation category type.

To align the product experience and pricing, Meta is introducing new conversation categories and the pricing differs per Category. In total there are 4 types of Conversations:

  • Utility conversations: These are Business-initiated conversations relating to a transaction, including post-purchase notifications and recurring billing statements to customers who have opted in.

  • Authentication: Business-initiated conversations that enable businesses to authenticate users with one-time passcodes at multiple steps during the login process, such as account registration, account recovery, and integrity challenges.

  • Marketing conversation: Business-initiated conversations to market a product or service to customers, such as relevant offers to customers who have opted in. Any business-initiated conversation that does not qualify as an authentication or utility conversation would also fall under this category.

  • Service conversations: Any user-initiated conversation, such as to resolve a customer inquiry.

Presently, at Jumpseller, we are only supporting the “Utility Conversations” type.

To check the latest pricing please visit the WhatsApp Business rate cards for your locale.


Why are these paid messages?

In order to be able to provide this feature, we use WhatsApp Business, a paid service owned by WhatsApp, which charges for each conversation of this type iniated by a business or as a reply to a customer.

Is it possible to personalize the message to be sent to the customers?

No, currently it is only possible to use one of the 4 message notification templates.

How can I migrate the number from the platform to the mobile application?

Proceed to remove the Whatsapp integration in your Jumpseller store. In the Settings section you will find the “Suspend service” button at the bottom of the page.

Then, you must remove the number from the WhatsApp business platform by following these META instructions

We are here to help you, so if you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

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