We currently have 2 methods available for our store administrators to show different currencies in their store.

HTML Customization

P.e. you have a store into two languages, Portuguese and English, to serve Portugal’s and UK’s customers, how can I sell in both EUR and GBP currencies?

First, you need to define the main currency of your store, p.e. GBP:

{{ 12 | price: “GBP” }}

Then, you can display the EUR currency with the tag price:

{{ product.price | price: “EUR” }}

{{ product.price | price: “USD” }}

{{ product.price | price: “GBP” }}

{{ product.price | price: “CLP” }}

you can use the same technic with:

{{ order.total | price: “CLP” }}

{{ order.shipping | price: “CLP” }}


After the checkout, the Customer will be charged in the Store’s Main Currency (p.e. GBP).

Check: http://jumpseller.com/support/creating-a-custom-html-theme#spcecial-variables

Multi-Currency with OpenExchangeRates

If you don’t want to customize your store’s HTML to do this, we have another option for you. With some themes (soon, all of them) you can add other currencies to show on your store through your Theme Options. You should search for the options named “Currencies” and “OpenExchangeRates API Token”, usually located in the “Others” section.


  • Pick the 3 letter codes for the currencies you want to add (You can see the available codes at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_4217)
  • Fill in the new currencies you want to show on your website separated with commas (e.g. EUR, USD)

Jumpseller Currencies Theme Options

  • Hit ‘Save’ and try it out on your store

OpenExchangeRates API Token:

We use an outside service to get daily updated exchange rates for Jumpseller to keep everything flowing smoothly. Here’s how you can set it up for your store:

Jumpseller OpenExchangeRates Sign Up

  • Fill your details on the form and hit 'Continue'
  • You will be presented with a success page and an "App Ids" menu on the left sidebar

Jumpseller OpenExchangeRates App IDs

  • Copy this customized string and paste it at your OpenExchangeRates API Token theme option input

Jumpseller Currencies Theme Options

  • Don't forget to Hit ‘Save’!