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Customers Options Explained

By logging in customers can see their order history, order status and pre-fill their address and billing information to be used during checkout. They can also see their own email address, and edit it anytime.

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Having the ability to create a personal account at your store might be a convenience for customers to have a faster checkout, to have multiple delivering addresses or to check their purchase history.

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With Jumpseller, it is very easy as a seller to manage your Customer Accounts and to get a better insight of the purchases they made in your store. You can get analytics such as personal information (address, email address), check who your best customer is and check who repeated their purchase.

If you go to the Customer section on the Admin Panel, you can see a list for all your customers there on the right and you have the option to create a Category on the left.

Here you get both personal information of your customers, such as name, email address, location, billing information. And also order information such as the number of orders, the status of an order, payment method, type of client (guest or registered) and amount of purchase.

Customer section

You can also create Categories to pool different types of customers. This can help to have a better overview of your store or to differentiate customers from each other (e.g. you want retailers to see your prices, but you don’t want wholesalers to see your prices).

Click the button Create Category and insert the name of your category (e.g. Wholesaler or Customers from Spain).

If you navigate to the Settings > General from your side bar, you can set the Customer Login option for your visitors.

Customer section

There are 3 options:

  • Disabled: All store visitors can checkout.
  • Optional: Customers can register after checkout.
  • Required: Only approved registered customers can checkout.

Note: Customer accounts are disabled by default.

If you need to create and edit customers via the API, this feature is only available for Pro and Premium plans.

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