Creating and managing promotions within your store is quick and easy.

Important: This article is currently only available in English, the updated versions in Portuguese and Spanish will be available soon.

Promotions can help you get more sales, increase brand awareness, find new customers and bring back the old ones. On your store, you have the option to set up promotions according to your wishes in a simple and effective manner! In this article, we take you through the steps of setting up a promotion for your online store.

Promotions are available to customers with the Pro Plan or higher.

How to create a promotion

  1. The first step is to go the admin page and click on Promotions on the left sidebar. Once you arrive on the following page, click on Add New Promotion. Promotions

  2. On the promotions page, start by entering the Name of the promotion. You also have the option to create a coupon code, you can either write a code for the coupon or generate one. This means that the customers will be required to enter the coupon code on the Cart Page to earn the discount.


  3. You can select the quantity of discount you would like to give in terms of a percentage or a fixed amount in your store’s main currency. You make the discount cumulative, this means that this promotion can accumulate with other promotions, to create a bigger discount for the user. In case you have several promotions that can apply to the user, the system will choose the promotion, or group of promotions (if they are accumulative), that is more beneficial to the customer. discount

  4. Next, you have to choose to which amount the discount will apply. You have the following three options:

    • Subtotal Amount - Total amount on the customer's cart (Subtotal + Shipping + Taxes).
    • Shipping - Total Shipping costs. With this option, you can further select the countries or regions to which the discount will apply.
    • Selected products - All products in a specific category or a defined set of products.
      In this case, the promotion will show on the product and category pages instead of only on the cart.
  5. You can set a minimum quantity to enable the discount. If the requirement is not met, the promotion will not apply. This minimum can be set either by:

    • Amount - Minimum amount that needs to be bought, defined in the store currency. The price does not include the shipping cost or other cumulative discounts.
    • Items - Minimum number of items that need to be added to one product.
      This requirement refers to the number of items of the same product and not the total amount of products in the shopping cart. For example, if you limit the discount to "3 items" it must be 3 of the same products. The discount will not work if you have 3 different products in the shopping cart.

    The minimum amount, in the case of promotion of selected products, refers to the amount per Product:

    For example, if you make a Promotion for Selected Products of product X and Product Y, with the minimum amount per purchase of 100. The promotion will only apply in these cases:
    - Total purchased of product X> = 100
    - The discount is applied to X products
    - Total purchased from product Y> = 100
    - Discount applies to Y products

    The discount will not apply if the total purchased from product X is less than 100 or the total purchased from product Y is less than 100.

  6. Choose the customers whom the promotion applies to. The four options are:

    • Logged in and Guests - Default option. Available to all customers.
    • Logged in Customers - The promotion is visible to all users that are logged in.
    • Customers without Purchases - The promotion is visible to all users without any previous purchase in your store.
    • Customers from selected Catagories - The promotion is visible to all users from a specific customer category that are logged in.


  7. You can define a limit for the Promotion. You can have it:

    • Forever - Default option. Always available, in this case, you have to turn off both date limit and usage limit.
    • Dates - Schedule the promotion between two dates.
    • Uses - Define the maximum number of uses in the store (not by client). When the limit is reached the promotion is disabled.


  8. Once you are finished, click on the Save button and go back to the promotions page, you will see the created promotion there. Note: The green circle means that the promotion is currently active and valid, you can disable it anytime in that case the circle will become yellow, if the circle is red, that means the promotion has expired. sample-promotion

  9. To create similar promotions, you have the option to duplicate, which clones the promotion so you don't need to configure it all again.


  • You cannot make promotions and discounts such as "2x1" or "discounted 2nd product". For example, the customer buys one product and get a second for free or at a discounted value.

  • You cannot make promotions and discounts for a specific payment method. The discount is not affected by the payment method you choose. For example, order and pay with any credit card or specific means of payment shipping can not be applied.


How is the Total amount of an Order calculated?

Promotions, Shipping and Taxes are heavily related. The following article explains the relationship between them.

An Order might present the following values:
- Order Subtotal: represents the sum of all Order Products subtotal.
- Order Shipping: represents the Shipping Taxes charged for this Order.
- Order Taxes: represents the Country Taxes charged for this Order.
- Order Discount: represents amount of money discounted via Promotions associated to the Order. It's a negative value.
- Order Total: sums all the above items (total = subtotal + tax + shipping - discount).

The calculations are applied by this order. Promotions are calculated with the Order Subtotal, Shipping and Tax amounts (avoiding a circular reference).

A Promotion can be applied to:
- Order Total: the total amount of the Order calculated above.
- Order Shipping Amount: only the Shipping Amount of the Order.
- Categories / Products: to specific Products (before they are checked-out).

I have a Promotion applied to certain Products (5% discount) and want to offer free shipping for Orders above 50USD. Is the Shipping Amount taking in consideration my Promotions?

No. All promotions conditions are validated before applying any discount.

I have a Shipping Rate, applied to the Price of an Order, which is 0 for Orders above 50USD. I also have a Promotion, applied to the Total Amount of an Order. Will they interfere with each other?

The Shipping value is always calculated before any Promotion.

It will not take in consideration Promotions on:
- Order Total.
- Order Shipping Amount.

but will take in consideration Promotions on Categories / Products (which are calculated before Checkout).

If you plan to offer "free" shipping for Orders above a certain amount, consider using the Promotions applied to the Shipping amount.