Let's consider you run your own online clothing store and want to print some flyers with your promotion code for your Summer Campaign, with 30% off on all T-Shirts. At your store's Admin Panel, tab Promotions, you can create a new promotion, run it only in the month of August and discounting 30% of all products under T-Shirt category only to customers purchasing orders above 45Euros.


  1. Click on the Promotions tab to create a Promotion or visualize all of them Promotion Page

  2. On the promotions page, click New Promotion in the top right corner.

  3. Choose where the promotion should apply.

    • Total Amount - Everything in the customer's cart
    • Shipping - The shipping costs
    • Selected products - All products in a specific category or some products in that category Promotion Target

  4. Add the name of your promotion. Secondly, add a Promotion Code, it can be a random code like 'HL8AO3' or an easy to remember code such as 'SUMMERSALE'. These codes have to be redeemed at the checkout stage. Important: if you do not add a code, your promotions will be enabled to all your store visitors.

    Promotion Code

  5. Decide how much discount you want to offer: a Fixed amount of money or a Percentage of the selling price.

    Promotion amount as percentage

  6. Set some restrictions to your promotion; for what amount do they minimum have to buy or how many items they minimum need to buy. If the requirement is not met, the promotion will not apply. Necessary Conditions to Apply the Promotion

  7. Set an expiration date for your promotion; For example it can be active for the entire month of August or it can be used only on a limited amount of days. You can even have promotions ending at specific hours or minutes! You can expire a promotion after it has been used a maximum number of times. Promotion Expiration Date

  8. Click Save and you're done!

Main Features:

  • Promotions are available to all customers with plan Pro.
  • You can create as many coupons as you want. To help you have the option to double promotion.
  • For customers the entry field for a coupon code is enabled only on the checkout page.
  • You can create cumulative discounts. For example, you could have a discount to a category and additionally a discount applied to a specific product within the same category or add an additional discount on shipping.
  • Discounts can be applied to the total amount, on the shipping cost or on a specific category (or some selected products).


  • The discounts applied to the minimum items of purchase refer to the number of items of the same product and not the total amount of products in the shopping cart. For example, if you limit the discount to "3 items" it must be 3 the same products. The discount will not work if you have 3 different products in the shopping cart.
  • On the discount applied to the "Total Amount" of the purchase, the price does not include the shipping cost or other cumulative discounts. For example, if the total order amount is $10,000 ($8,000 of product and $2,000 of shipping) the promotion "Total Amount" discount only applies on the $8,000 of the product.
  • You can not make promotions and discounts such as "2x1" or "discounted 2nd product". For example, the customer buys one product and get a second for free or at a discounted value. This type of functionality is not within the system.
  • You can not make promotions and discounts for a specific payment method. The discount is not affected by the payment method you choose. For example, order and pay with any credit card or specific means of payment shipping can not be applied.

How is the Total amount of an Order calculated?

Promotions, Shipping and Taxes are heavily related. The following article explains the relationship between them.

An Order might present the following values:

Order Subtotal: represents the sum of all Order Products subtotal.

Order Shipping: represents the Shipping Taxes charged for this Order.

Order Taxes: represents the Country Taxes charged for this Order.

Order Discount: represents amount of money discounted via Promotions associated to the Order. It's a negative value.

Order Total: sums all the above items (total = subtotal + tax + shipping - discount).

The calculations are applied by this order. Promotions are calculated with the Order Subtotal, Shipping and Tax amounts (avoiding a circular reference).

A Promotion can be applied to:

  • Order Total: the total amount of the Order calculated above.

  • Order Shipping Amount: only the Shipping Amount of the Order.

  • Categories / Products: to specific Products (before they are checked-out).


1. I have a Promotion applied to certain Products (5% discount) and want to offer free shipping for Orders above 50USD. Is the Shipping Amount taking in consideration my Promotions?

Yes. For example, if your store has:

Product 1 = 10USD

Product 2 = 20USD

Promotion A - 5% discount on Product 1 & Product 2

Promotion B - 100% discount on Shipping

Flat Shipping Rate of 10USD.

if you have a Cart with:

1 x Product 1 (10USD) = 9.5USD (with discount)

2 x Product 2 (20USD) = 38USD (with discount)

the Order Total will be 47.5USD and the Shipping will be 10USD.

if you have a Cart with:

2 x Product 1 (10USD) = 19USD (with discount)

2 x Product 2 (20USD) = 38USD (with discount)

the Order Total will be 57USD and the Shipping will be 0USD (free).

2. I have a Shipping Rate, applied to the Price of an Order, which is 0 for Orders above 50USD. I also have a Promotion, applied to the Total Amount of an Order. Will they interfere with each other?

The Shipping value is always calculated before any Promotion.

It will not take in consideration Promotions on:

  • Order Total.

  • Order Shipping Amount.

but will take in consideration Promotions on Categories / Products (which are calculated before Checkout).

if you plan to offer "free" shipping for Orders above a certain amount, consider using the Promotions applied to the Shipping amount.