Import Products via a CSV file

Importing products is useful when you need to update a large number of products in your store, when you have thousands of products a massive load is the solution. Importing products from an existing store to your new Jumpseller store is also more convenient. Check how to do massive downloads and uploads:

  1. Start by Exporting your current Products.

  2. Open the Exported file with Excel or LibreOffice. Always select UTF-8 encoding.

  3. Check the Header columns. The columns should be in this exact order:

    • Permalink: Unique identifier of a product. Must be blank when creating a new product.
    • Name: Name of a product
    • Description: Description of a product
    • Brand: Brand of a product
    • Categories: One or more categories' permalink (e.g: winter-2014 ) or one or more category's name (e.g. Winter 2014)
    • Images: One or more images' URL . Links to many images per product should be separated by a comma and these links are required to be publicly accessible. Example: "",""
    • Digital: defined as "YES" if the product is digital or "NO" if not. By default, if you don't import the column, the product will be non-Digital.
    • Featured: defined as "YES" if you want the product to be featured or "NO" if not. By default, if you don't import the column, the product will not be featured.
    • Status: The status of the product in the store. Can be one of three values - available, not-available, disabled
    • SKU: Stock-keeping unit identification
    • Weight: Weight or volumetric weight of a product
    • Stock: Stock number of a product
    • Stock Unlimited: defined as "NO" if inventory is tracked or "YES"
    • Price: Price of a product
    • Variant 1 Option Name: Option Name of the first variant of a product, eg: Color
    • Variant 1 Option Type: Option Type of the first variant of a product. By default this type is "option" for a selection
    • Variant 1 Option Value: Option Value of the first variant of a product, eg: Yellow, Blue or Red
    • Variant N Option Name: Option Name of the Nth variant of a product. N should be a sequential number, eg: 1, 2, 3, 4
    • Variant N Option Type: Option Type of Variant N of a product. Accepted values: 'option','input','text' or 'file'
    • Variant N Option Value: Option Value of the Nth variant of a product. N should be a sequential number, eg: 1, 2, 3, 4
    • Custom Field 1 Label: Label of custom field 1 that was previously created.
    • Custom Field 1 Value: Value to be added to custom field 1.
    • Custom Field N Label: Label of Nth custom field that was previously created.
    • Custom Field N Value: Value to be added to Nth custom field.
  4. Fill up or Edit the CSV file maintaining the original format.

  5. Upload and Import your CSV file and check your email for import results.

Ask our Support Team help whenever you need (don't forget to attach your CSV file).

  • Leave a blank permalink when adding a new Product.
    • The permalink is the unique identifier for each product.
    • Jumpseller searches for a product by its permalink.
    • You can find the permalink of each product at its URL. For example, the permakink "yellow-tennis" is associated with the Product named "Yellow Tennis" . Hence, the URL:
    • Permalinks are composed with lower case letters or numbers and containing no spaces.

Overwriting existing products

When updating the information existing products do:

  1. Export the current products to a CSV file.

  2. Keep the "permalink" link column unchanged.

  3. Edit the product details, like name, sku or stock.

  4. Import back your modified CSV file.


  • Images should be uploaded to the internet first. You can only use URLs to your images.
    • Tip: Use an external FTP to upload images and get their URL.
  • Multiple images per product can be added and should be separated by commas and enclosed with double quotes, eg: "http://myimage1.jpg; http://myimage2.jpg".
  • There is a maximum download time of 5seconds per images. Images filesize should not exceed 1.5Mb.
  • Gdrive, Gphotos & Dropbox share or viewer links will not work for the Images column when importing CSVs. The import function needs a "direct link" to download. As a free alternative, try ImgBB

Product Variants

Each Product Variants uses a row, sharing the same Product's permalink and with the following blank columns: Name, Description,Brand,Categories, Images. Check an example:

Import Variants

Variants are matched against their Option Name/Value (p.e. Color:Blue) and the Variant properties, like SKU, Weight and Stock are updated.
If we cannot find a Option Name/Values combination they will be added as new Product Options.

Encoding CSV files

Special characters like the latin characters: á or ó, are only displayed in specific encoding formats. We recommend and support UTF-8 for importing the CSV files.
Google Docs or LibreOffice handle UTF-8 very well but the same can't be said for Microsoft Office.

Download our CSV template

If you have any doubts of how your CSV should look like, we leave you with this template that has the following in it: 2 products with 2 product options and 2 product variants. We recommend checking this out before beginning to work on this subject. Download here


My import file does not work. What should I do?

  • Reduce the products on the CSV file to just one.
  • Confirm the problem still exits on that single Product
  • Import that CSV to Google Docs
  • Confirm the problem still exits on that single Product in Google Docs
  • Send the Google Docs link (with the correct permissions) to

Why some images were not imported?

In some cases, images might not be imported yet, since the process can take more time than usual. Reasons vary between importing a large number of images, the CSV file being too big or the image hosting servers being slow.

There can also be many reasons that block images from being imported, such as:

  • Image size might be too large
  • Download blocked by image hosting server
  • Wrong image encoding
  • Spaces in image URL
  • Wrong image URL (Jumpseller can only download images from direct image URLs)

I want to import all the products from my previous eCommerce platform to Jumpseller.

We can help you with that through our support channel, you will need to give us the CSV from the platform you are currently using (woocommerce, prestashop, shopify etc...) and we will help you with the migration/import of your products, the only thing we ask is for you to have a subscription to any of our plans and we will take care of it.

I have an inventory system that I would like to synchronize with Jumpseller to do imports and update inventory automatically.

It is possible to do this through our API. For this it is necessary to do an integration, if you have a developer you know and is able to help with the technical part great, if not you can contact us and we can recommend you one from of our list of professionals so you can achieve it.