On Jumpseller you can easily manage your own catalogues using our product listing features.

Everytime you go to Products section on Admin Panel you will find a list of products. On that list you can see all products from your store and have an overview of the status of your products (e.g. if they are out of stock or not).
Products List

To reorder the list you just need to drag & drop the product rows (using the up and down arrows) as you see in the image above.

Using category’s options on the left panel, you can filter the products per category or subcategory. Please note that a product can be in multiple categories (e.g. Pink Polo can be in two different collections: Spring ‘13 and Fall ‘12).

To add or change a product to one category (or subcategory) you just have to tick a listed product first and then select the category on the top right of the product list. Add/Change Category

You can reorder the categories list on the left or add a new subcategory just by dragging & dropping the category. If you want to reorder the category to the correct position a arrow will appear (Image 1). To add a new subcategory just create a new category first and then you can put it under an existent category (Image 2). Reorder Category
Image 1- Reorder Category

Reorder Subcategory
Image 2 - Reorder Subcategory

It is also important to mention that this change affects what is displayed on the store’s front-end (theme). Find out how you can costumize your categories on your theme Editor.

To delete one of the products from the list you just have to click on the rubbish bin in the last column as demonstrated in the image below:

Delete Product

As you can see your product's catalogue management is really easy.