One of the most helpful features in content creation and management at Jumpseller is its Content Management System (CMS). Using CMS makes it able to edit and create static pages for your store in a question of minutes. Please keep in mind that pages are a great way to add product related content helping the store to have a higher ranking in search engines as Google and very important (almost must-have) helpful information as “Shipping” or “About us” creating a closer relationship between consumers and online shop. Pages for Privacy and Cookies privacies, mandatory in some countries, can be also build using this feature.

Using our CMS everyone is able to easily manage any page from an online store. Let’s take a tour around it.

In order to start using it, you just have to go Admin Panel > Pages > New Page.

On Page editor, you will find three different sections:

  • Category: using categories you would be able to group, organize and filter your pages;
  • Title: where you insert the page’s title;
  • Content: Here you can add content to your page; from embedding a marketing campaign video directly from Youtube to uploading pictures from each of your team members, on this section you will find several different options to enrich your page content.

Please note that a permalink for each page of the type (e.g. is automatically generated. If you want to change it, just click on the Edit button next to your permalink

It is also important to mention that page’s categories are used by designers on custom templates to better organize it. For example including on "Company" menu with several links to related pages as "About us", "Team" and "Mission".

On the page list you can manage the page status by clicking on Status. Change Status

For each page you may have three status:

  • Public: the page is published and visible on the store
  • Draft: the page is unpublished because it is still in a draft.
  • Hidden: the page is published but only accessible via permalink. Imagine that you want to create a secondary page for a seasonal campaign (e.g. Christmas) but do not display it on the store’s menu during the rest of the year.

If you want to delete a page, then you have to click on delete. You can also reorder the pages list just by dragging & dropping its items, which is reflected on the order by which they are displayed on the storefront.

As you can see it’s really easy to create and edit pages on Jumpseller. If you haven’t started yet, just try it and check how easy it is. If you have any further question, please don't hesitate to contact us.