How to Photograph Products

Product Images can make or break the deal


First of all, you really want your photos to look as professional as possible. This means you need to use a good quality camera. You can buy a professional DSLR camera, but also smartphones these days have very good cameras to make professional pictures.



You should have a smooth and neutral background (for example white) so your product stands out in the picture and that is all customers should pay attention to.
It is also important to use the same background every time so you have consistency among your photos and they will look much better when shown together (e.g. in a category page).

To remove backgrounds from images, try remove.bg


Another setup that is really important for your pictures is the lighting. Use quality lightning or make use of the natural light.
In case of quality lightning, you should always place it behind the camera to create the most original look. Also, pay attention that you don’t have any shadows on your photo.


Now that you have the basic equipment for your photos, you should know more about how to take the perfect shot. Because it's the most important element in an e-commerce, it is important that you show users more than one photo. Make sure your product looks excellent and have shots from different angles.
For products that have to be used or that people can wear it is advisable to also add “live” pictures so people can see how the product is used or worn. For example, if you’re selling clothes, you should add pictures of a model wearing the clothes so people can imagine how it would look on themselves.

Photo Product


Even though you have professional equipment, most pictures still need a little editing to make sure the colors of the product are the same as the product in real life.
You just need to know some basic editing to change the colors and texture of the picture.


Something extra you can think about is to shoot a video of your product to show your customers all the features your product contains. Show the emotion people will get from using your product (think about Netflix showing a happy family cozy together while watching a Netflix movie together).