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How to connect Facebook and Instagram with your online store


This sales channel lets you sync products on your Jumpseller store onto Facebook and Instagram via a Catalogue. Once a catalogue is created, you can list and manage products from your Jumpseller admin. More importantly, you will be able to easily create Advantage+ Ads on Facebook and Instagram.

This feature uses the information (images, product name, description, links etc.) from your Catalogue to generate automated Ads. Use these Ads to increase your reach across Facebook and Instagram and boost sales. In summary, using this sales channel you can do the following:

  • Easily sync products between Jumpseller and Meta

    Sell the products from your online store on these platforms without having to manually upload them. It automatically synchronizes your catalogue from your store with Facebook and Instagram.

  • Create Product Sets

    Once your catalogue is synced, you can create Product sets to use with different campaigns. This narrows down which products from your catalogue may appear in the ad. Product set filters are dynamic, so over time when your catalogue is updated the products in your set will update as well.

  • Increase your sales with Advantage+ Catalogue Ads

    Formerly known as dynamic ads, Meta Advantage+ catalogue ads use machine learning to scale your ads when you have a broad range or large volume of products. With this you can; personalise your ads, drive more sales, and retarget visitors.

Step 1: Get a Domain

Note:If you are subscribed to plans Plus, Pro or Premium and you don’t have a domain yet, you can request one for free in your admin panel.

You need to have a custom domain before you can use the Facebook and Instagram sales channel. Use our guide to set up a domain with Jumpseller.

If you already own a Domain and it is setup with Jumpseller, you can skip to the next step.

Step 2: Install the Facebook & Instagram Sales Channel

  1. From your admin panel, click “Sales Channels” > “Facebook & Instagram” > Install App

    admin panel
  2. Once you have Authorized the installation, you can configure your Facebook business administrator account.

    setup facebook account
  3. Log in to the Facebook account associated with your business if you haven’t already. Click on Continue twice and you will enter the next step.

    setup facebook account

    setup facebook account

  4. To use the sales channel, you must have an account in the Meta Business Manager, you can create one in this step or use an existing one.

    setup facebook account

    setup facebook account

  5. Once you’ve selected your business manager account, you can connect to a Facebook Page. Again, you have the option to create a page or select one that is already associated with your Facebook account.

    setup facebook account

  6. Add your Instagram profile to be able to sync your products with it too. If you don’t have any Instagram profile available, click “Add profile” or “Skip connecting to Instagram” to skip this step if you don’t want to do it now and connect it manually later.

    setup facebook account

  7. Then, you must select a catalogue. Similar to the previous steps you have the option to create a catalogue or select an existing one.

    setup facebook account

  8. After that, you will need to connect an Ad Account, create a new one or connect to an existing one.

    setup facebook account

    Note: Facebook has a limit on how many Ad accounts can be connected to a business account. If you have multiple Ad accounts that you want to use with the same Facebook Business account, please contact Facebook support.

  9. Finally, you should select a Meta Pixel, which can also be connected or created in this step.

    setup facebook account

  10. After you have all the relevant assets created and selected, review the information based on your selection, click Continue and wait for the process to finish. Once finished, click Next and Done, unless you want to create an ad right away.

    setup facebook account

    setup facebook account

    setup facebook account

  11. That’s it, you will see a Congragulations page, from here click Go to Facebook Menu.

    If Meta’s automatic verification of your domain fails, follow the instructions that are shown in the warning message that will appear.

    setup facebook account

Step 3: Create Advantage+ Catalogue Ads

Use your product catalogue to scale your creative and personalise ads for every potential customer. Increase your sales with personalised ads. Formerly known as dynamic ads, Meta Advantage+ catalogue ads use machine learning to scale your ads when you have a broad range or large volume of products.

  1. Click on the Create Ads button.


  2. You should arrive at the Facebook Ads Manager screen. Click on the green Create button towards the top left.


  3. Choose a campaign objective, normally for Online Stores it’s Sales.


  4. Click Continue and on the next screen go with the Tailored Sales Campaign option.


  5. After you click continue you should be inside the campaign creation menu. Add all the relevant information. From the Ad Setup, select Catalogue+ and you should start seeing the Products from your store in the Ad Preview section located on the right. It will fetch the information from the catalogue.


  6. Each product is linked to the corresponding product page on your Jumpseller Online Store. So you do not have to add a link to your website.



  7. After that, you just have to configure some options like the Call to Action button you want your ads to show, tracking for your ads and if you want to change the target link for your Ads from the specific product pages to something else.

  8. Lastly, you can simply click on Publish and add your Payment Details to activate your Ads.

Facebook Catalogue

Note: By default, any product created or updated on Jumpseller, with the status of Available, will be created/synced to your Facebook Catalogue.

The Facebook catalogue section will take you to the product catalogue in your Meta account, where you can see all products synced with your Jumpseller store.

facebook-catalog facebook-catalog-20

By clicking on a product, you can see its details.


Forbidden Products: Meta has a list of products you can’t publish in their system. This list includes Digital Products, Services, Tobacco, and other adult products. Review the complete list in Facebook Commerce Policies.

Product Sets

You can also create product sets from your catalogue, with a product set you can group products in your catalogue. This can be used to feature certain products in your ads. You can do this by applying filters to control which products from your catalogue are added to a set. For example, you could filter all women’s shoes that cost less than USD 100.


Product set filters are dynamic, so the products in your set may change over time when your catalogue is updated. For example, if a new product is added to your catalogue later and it meets the filtering criteria, that product will be added to the set.

Learn more about How to create and edit product sets in your catalogue in Commerce Manager

Catalogue Diagnostic

You can use the catalogue Diagnostics section to view pending issues or opportunities within your Facebook catalogue. Each issue is listed with a severity degree, the number of items affected, and a brief message, making it easy to understand and fix.

setup facebook account catalogue diagnostics

To better understand a certain issue, you can also click on the More Information button to access Facebook’s documentation about it.


After you have corrected the problems, you can return to this page to check that they have indeed been resolved. To ensure that your items are displaying, make sure that you have resolved any problems that may appear on the catalogue Diagnostics page.

no errors diagnostic

Product Listing

In the Product List section, you can filter products by status or search by name, to check if they are properly synchronized or if any corrections need to be made if the update failed.

  • To sync an individual product from your store to your Facebook catalogue, toggle it and click Sync to catalogue.

    setup facebook account

Massive Actions

From the Massive Actions section, you can export and synchronize all your products with one click! You can also Verify and Fix inconsistencies in products, such as price differences and products not synced correctly.

  • To sync all products from your store to your facebook catalogue, go to the Massive Actions page and click on Synchronize Products.



In the Settings section, you will see a count of products by status. That is, you can see how many products are synchronized, pending synchronization, not synchronized (failed) and deactivated/digital. Remember that deactivated and digital products are not sent to Meta.

In this section, the names and IDs of your assets in Meta (Business Account, catalogue and Pixel) are recorded. This information is important to quickly identify which assets from your Meta account are connected to your Jumpseller store.

You will then see the Management button, which will take you to your Meta business account, and a button to reset the app in your Jumpseller store if you need to change your account or initial configuration.

configuration facebook account

Facebook Account Quality

There is also a button to review your Meta account and the most recent assets that require your attention because they do not comply with Meta’s advertising policies and other standards.

Facebook Business (Meta Business Suite)

In the main menu of the Jumpseller integration, you can access the Meta Business Suite.

setup facebook account

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I list products on a Facebook and Instagram Shop?

As of 10 August 2023, Meta is phasing out the onboarding of new shops without Checkout with Facebook or Instagram. Facebook and Instagram Checkout is only available in some regions worldwide and only with select partners. From now onwards, businesses can use Ads to enable new and existing customers to discover products at scale through an experience that is independent of Shops.

How to configure only an Instagram account? (Manually connect an Instagram Account to Meta Business Account)

Go to Business Setting on your Facebook Business Manager Page and click Accounts > Instagram Accounts and click Add. Fill out the details of your Instagram account to associate it with your business account.



How can I tag products on Instagram without paying for Ads?

As of 10 August 2023, Meta has a new policy which limits the product tagging feature to only accounts that have access to shops. “Businesses without an accessible shop will no longer be able to use features associated with Shops, including product tagging (in posts, reels and stories) and creating new custom or lookalike audiences derived from people who visited a shop.” Meta support

Please follow the steps described on the Instagram help page to unlink. To link, you should always do it through the Facebook & Instagram Sales Channel Setup.

How to verify a domain on Facebook?

To verify the ownership of a Domain found in Jumpseller, go to Business settings and select from the list of verification options: Update DNS TXT record with your domain.

Facebook will indicate a DNS record of type TXT, similar to the following: facebook-domain-verification=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

verify domain

Next, you must follow this procedure:

  1. Go to your Admin Panel > Settings > Domains.

  2. Choose your domain and go down to the section called Advanced DNS Configuration

  3. Create a new entry, the Host value must be Blank, Type must be TXT and value must be the Facebook code you copied on the facebook page.

    txt add domain
  4. Save the changes, go back to the Facebook page and click Verify domain. The change can take up to 72 hours to propagate on your servers. If the status of the domain remains as “Unverified”, you need to click “Verify domain “ again.

How to synchronize a WhatsApp account?

You can use our WhatsApp Business integration to engage more wtih your customers by sending order notifications.

To connect a Facebook Page to your WhatsApp, you can follow the Connect your Facebook Page to WhatsApp guide.

If you want to import a catalogue to WhatsApp you can do that by following the steps on How to create and maintain a catalog.

I can’t configure the Facebook application

Please make sure you have disabled all / any ad blocker in your browser, and enable the option to save and read cookies in your browser, while configuring the Facebook application.

Can I create manual events?

Our integration with Facebook and Instagram consists of two parts: one is the pixel and the other is the conversion API, i.e. some events are sent through the pixel (from the browser) and others through the API (from the server).

If you want to know which events we send to Facebook, go to this list.

Events are presented when triggers are activated, i.e. when there is information being sent to Facebook. You can see in the “Source” column above, that most events are presented by the server (we do not send events to the server and the browser at the same time). Other than the above, we do not recommend using the Facebook Pixel Helper tool or the test events tab in Pixel to analyze the events. It is preferable to use the Meta event manager tool.

If you are creating custom events that we have already sent through the API, these may be deduplicated and this may cause the integration to not work properly or you may receive confusing/incorrect information in the Meta event manager. Go to this help page for Meta companies

Our integration already does all the configuration and event submission in an automated way when you install and configure it in your store, but you won’t be able to see this in the code editor, since everything is done “behind the scenes” in the admin panel. If you have manually inserted pixel code into your Jumpseller store or created manual events in your meta pixel, we recommend deleting the code you manually added to your store and deleting the events created using the event configuration tool below: Use the Facebook online event setup tool.

The store section is not showing on my Facebook page, why?

Please verify if any information appears on your Facebook Commerce. You may not have been approved by their reviewing team. Please contact Facebook Business Support for next steps. You can also check Facebook Merchant Terms and Policies.

My products do not sync with Facebook or the images of my products are not displayed, why?

Facebook provides some recommendations to have the best chance of being approved.

Are there any Image Requirements?

  1. At least one image is required for each product.
  2. Each image must be of the product itself. It cannot be a graphic representation (for example, an illustration or an icon) of the product.
  3. Use images that:
    1. Are easy to understand and show the whole product.
    2. Have a resolution of 1024 x 1024 or higher.
    3. Are in square format.
    4. Show the product closely.
    5. Have white backdrops.
    6. Capture the product in real life situations.
  4. Do not use images that contain:
    1. Text (for example: calls to action, promotional codes).
    2. Offensive content (example: nudity, explicit language, violence).
    3. Advertising or promotional material.
    4. Watermarks.
    5. Time sensitive information (for example: price drops for a limited time).

Any particular requirements for the Descriptions of products?

  1. Offer only information directly related to the product.
  2. Be digestible (for example, use short sentences and / or bulleted lists).
  3. Highlight unique product features.
  4. Be correct in grammar and punctuation.
  5. Your descriptions should not have:
    1. Telephone numbers or email addresses.
    2. Long titles.
    3. Excessive punctuation
    4. All uppercase or lowercase letters.
    5. Spoilers of books or movies.
    6. Links to external sites.

How can I contact Meta customer support?

If you need to contact Meta customer support to resolve a problem or have questions about your Meta account, log in to your account and click the question icon at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the page.

Then, in the right-hand menu, click Create Case.

ask for help

If you need any help, you can always contact our support team.

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