Showing up on Google: SEO and Visibility

Growing Organically

Ranking higher on Google is becoming ultra competitive with the passage of time. However, it is still very much doable, all you need is some patience and persistence! Because we frequently get asked, “How do I make my business show up on Google?” or “How can I rank higher on Google Search results?”, we decided to answer these questions once and for all. So, let us take you through the steps that you need to take to increase the visibility of your Online Store and rank higher.

Success Factors For Online Businesses

There are a number of factors that can contribute to the organic ranking of a website or a business (physical store) on Google Search results. We can divide the factors into 5 major categories:

1. Website (optimization)

The first thing is to check if your website is optimized for visitors. In this regard, you should check;

  • Loading Speeds: Are your pictures too big? How much time does your website take to open?

  • Crawlability: Can Google easily Crawl the pages on your website?

  • Usability on Mobile: Is the site working well for mobile devices?

  • Secure Connection: Do visitors get a secure connection when they arrive?

  • URLs: Is the URL too long and missing keywords?

When you have a store with Jumpseller, most of these factors are taken care of by our platform which has built-in features for optimized SEO. However, it is still recommended that you check them out at least once since some factors (URLs, Loading Speed etc.) are not entirely in control of Jumpseller.

SEO: Understanding the Best Practices.

2. Content

Having informative and original content is very important for Google because it wants to give the audience the most suitable pages for their search queries. Which is why in order to rank higher, we recommend that you create a blog with your Online Store. The general rules to follow for good content are:

  • Quality: Should be Original and informative content.

  • Keywords: Research the most relevant keywords, try to use long-tail keywords first, it's easier to rank for them.

  • Hot Topics: Are you writing about topics that are in Demand? Check the latest trends.

  • Detailed: Short articles are harder to rank, aim from comprehensive guides/articles.

Creating High-Quality Content.

3. HTML (correct use of HTML elements)

A little more on the technical side of things, by HTML we mean to make sure your pages are in tune to follow the Google algorithm (HTML factors how Google takes into consideration when compiling search results).

  • Title Tag: Should have relevant Keyword.

  • Description: Should be of a recommended length and not repeated in the content.

  • Structure: Are you using Structured Data? This will enhance SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)

  • Headings: It can’t be duplicated with the Title and should have the main keyword/s.

  • Stuffing: Are you overly stuffing content with Keywords? Don’t! This will actually hurt your ranking more than it will help since Google can possibly disregard your page as misleading.

  • Readability: Check factors like font style and size.

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Possibly the hardest part of SEO is to get backlinks of high quality for your pages. If you have more links pointing to your pages, that tells Google your content has the authority and makes it more likely to rank higher on search results.

  • Quality: Are the backlinks of high-quality websites or just from low traffic uninteresting pages?

  • Quantity: How many quality backlinks do you have?

  • Paid: Are the backlinks you have from paid sources?

  • Spam: These links can really adversely affect your ranking, avoid them at all cost.

You should check some of your existing backlinks from time to time. Poorly-rated backlinks may have to be manually disregarded at Google Tools, or you may have to ask other website administrators to remove links to your pages since these can bring your rankings down.

How to get quality backlinks for your website.

5. Social Media

Many times, an overlooked factor when it comes to SEO are social media profiles. While they do not have a direct influence on your ranking, they do certainly help. Therefore, your social media profile must be taken into consideration when creating an SEO strategy.

  • Optimized Posts: Use the same Keywords as you use in your Website Content. Make sure your profile is complete.

  • Shares: Check how often your posts are getting shared.

  • Authority: Over time, if you maintain your content quality on social media, it builds up authority for your business. Which helps with SEO!

Setting up social media to boost SEO.

social media

Showing up on Google (Physical Businesses)

If you have a physical business, for example, a restaurant, and it is not showing up on Google Search, you are missing out on a big opportunity to market yourself! A large number of people search on the internet before making a purchase these days, and having customers reviews and showing up early on Google, especially in your local area, can be very important.

social media

For this, you need to have a Google My Business (GMB) profile. This Business Profile appears when people are searching on Google Search or Maps, for your business or businesses like yours. Google has created strict criteria for businesses to follow in order to be listed on Maps.

social media

An important detail to note here is that online-only businesses are not eligible for Google My Business listings.

Review all the requirements from Google.

Please see that your business information placement in search results will vary! but, having correct, comprehensive, and up-to-date information is the most effective/likely way to ensure that you receive the best possible ranking.


Ranking on Google is very important for businesses today, be it physical or Online only! While the above-mentioned guidelines and success factors certainly go a long way in achieving that, it is still not a guarantee! Since competition is intense for the top places on Google, you must stick to your guns and keep improving every day to reach the top!

For more details review Google Guides.