Paying for a plan

When you are logged in to your account, go to Subscription in the Admin Panel. On the left side of the page you find a review of your current account plan and an indication of how long your trial period will last.

On the right side of the page you can view the three different plans that exist (see the differences between plans ).

different plans

To get the accurate prices of your plan, you have to choose what type of contract you want (you find this above the three columns of plans). There are three different options:

  • Monthly: you pay for one month, after a month your plan is finished and you can choose to renew it or to cancel it.
  • Yearly: you pay for one year in advance. Your plan will finish after a year, you are then able to renew or to cancel it.
  • 2 years: you pay for two years in advance after which you are able to continue or cancel your account.

Once you selected the plan of your choice, you will be directed to the Payment page. You have three options of payment:

  • Credit Card: You can pay with your Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Just insert your card number, expiration date and CVC number to finish the payment.
  • PayPal: If you have a PayPal account you will be directed to the PayPal page to fulfil the payment.
  • Bank Transfer: You can choose to pay for your plan through a bank transfer. After you paid, you have to upload a PDF with Receipt of Payment.


Can I make payments via Bank Transfer every month?
Unfortunately this is not possible, you can only do the bank transfer payment for the total amount.
If you need more days to test your webshop, please ask our team.

Are there any discounts?
Yes, we have discounts for annual and biennial plans:

  • Monthly (undiscounted)
  • 1 year (10% discount)
  • 2 years (20% discount)

Can you send me an invoice for my payment?
Yes, all payments are accompanied by an invoice with 0% VAT (for outside Europe). Invoices are issued by:

Widetail, Lda - VAT: 509168930
UPTEC - Science and Technology Park da U.Porto
Rua Alfredo Allen 455/461 4200-135
Porto - Portugal

You can download all invoices for payments in your Control Panel> Account> Payment History

What day will I be charged for the payment?
The payment collections are always made on the same day you created the first subscription. For example, if you created (made the first payment) on March 10, the next payment will be on April 10 and later, on May 10, etc.

With what card can I pay my subscription?
VISA Credit Card
Credit Card MasterCard
Credit card Maestro International

I want to change my payment card, what happens with my payment?
Jumpseller calculates the occupied days with the old card, and makes the corresponding discount. The same happens when you change plans.

What does "Create your store/No Credit Card required" means?
The text "does not require credit card" indicates that you can create a store (14 day trial) without us asking for information of your Credit Card.

Can I have more test time to get me a Credit Card or to create a PayPal account? What should I do?
Yes, If you need more test time to get a credit card or PayPal account or decided by the annual plan, just let us know.

What is the difference between the Basic, Plus and Pro Plan?
Check out the differences between plans page.